Autism Research Training (ART) Program


To recruit and train outstanding researchers in the field of autism, in disciplines such as genetics, brain imaging, epidemiology, neurology, psychiatry, psychology and others. Upon completing the program, trainees will be equipped with a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base, a rich repertoire of research skills, strong connections to a vigorous research community in special populations, and an ability to translate research into practice.


The Autism Research Training (ART) Program operates as a partnership of 17 Canadian universities, with 38 faculty members from across Canada. Over the past decade, ART has had a significant impact in building ASD research capacity nationally, fostering the development of a new generation of ASD scientists with transdisciplinary training, ready to tackle complex issues of importance to families, policy makers and other stakeholders.
ART Program training activities include participation in a 5-day intensive Summer School program, and mentorship from 3 ART faculty members – facilitated by emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.


The Program is open to health professionals, doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and clinical fellows with a solid academic background in health care, science, social sciences, or humanities. Trainees are selected based on outstanding academic profiles; commitment to a research career; and the strength, and relevance of their research proposals.
Applicants must be registered at a Canadian university by September 2017, where they complete their core training and conduct their research at their supervisor’s facility. It is not mandatory that the trainee’s main supervisor be an ART mentor.


Applicants undergo a competitive and rigorous review process focused on academic and scientific excellence, commitment to ASD research and overall career plans. Candidates admitted for the year 2018-19 will:

  • attend Summer School in August 2018 (travel, food & accommodation paid for by ART Program);
  • receive mentorship from 3 ART mentors over a 1-yr period.

Note: Because of the changes to the funding supports available to the ART Program, we are not able to offer a student stipend to candidates admitted to the ART Program following this competition.


Deadline to apply for admission to the 2018 ART Program is February 5, 2018.

For any questions related to the ART Program, please contact Sheetal Prasad, Program Coordinator, at:, or visit our website at:


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Application Procedures

The application form can be found on the website:
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Please visit the Autism Research Training (ART) Program website for more information and to apply.