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Davies Charitable Foundation Research Foundation

The Davies Charitable Foundation has periodic competitions for funding of a research fellowship. The available funding and number of research fellowships will vary and will be made available with the announcement of the competition. Applications will only be accepted from post-doctoral fellows and medical fellows who were born, or lived in the Kingston, Ontario area for at least 5 years before their 20th birthday. The research fellowship is designed to support the individual and not directly fund the research project. Applicants must have already secured research funding for their proposed project. Applicants will be judged on their contributions to their academic community to date and the perceived impact of their funded research project. The Davies Charitable Foundation reserves the right to limit the funding available in a competition if all or some applications are deemed unsatisfactory. 

This $2500 fellowship is available to applicants from any university that meet the criteria.


Further Information

Annual Value

$2,500 CAD