IC-IMPACTS Summer Institute

Applications are now closed. Please check back for next years IMPACTS Summer Institute.

Building on the success of the 2015 and 2016 Summer Institutes hosted by the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto respectively, the 2017 Summer Institute seeks to improve the course-based training currently offered in graduate programs by adding a unique community-based experience. The program envisions a three-way learning experience between the participants (graduate level students from India and Canada), researchers and community members from ?aq’am.

?aq’am is a member band located on the reserve community of the Ktunaxa Nation. The Ktunaxa people are geopolitically situated in the East Kootenay region in southeastern British Columbia and extend into the northern portions of Idaho and Montana. As a community actively leading their own self-development, the ?aq’am are guided by the principles of family, unity and co-operation, effective communication, love and kindness, respect, safety and security, education and learning, healthy and balanced living – and the community takes pride in their heritage, language and culture.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver will be the host-institution for non-community based elements of the program.

This year’s program is premised on 3 tenets:

  • Relationship and trust building combined with cultural understanding;
  • Problem identification and possible innovative strategies that are culturally and resource appropriate; and
  • An opportunity to work with a community to better understand their issues and concerns and to develop skills specific to working within communities.

The 2017 Summer Institute aims to:

  • Develop awareness and understanding of the unique challenges faced by Indigenous communities in Canada with an opportunity to explore possible crossover issues facing rural Indian communities;
  • Develop a pathway for knowledge sharing between the ?aq’am community, IC-IMPACTS and the participants;
  • Provide an opportunity to explore options that address community specific challenges in the areas of infrastructure, water management, and public health;
  • Identify areas of possible research collaboration which could lead to the development of unique, resource and culturally appropriate, solutions; and
  • Identify capacity building needs, training and skill development requirements and opportunities to ensure the effective uptake of new solutions within the community and to enable enhanced participation by community members in their future economic development.


Eligibility Summary

The 2017 Summer Institute is open to any graduate student who:

  • Is registered for study in September 2017, in a masters (or integrated masters), doctoral or post-doctoral program at a recognized university in Canada or India (including the Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Science);
  • Has undertaken coursework and/or research in the one of the following themes: safe and sustainable infrastructure, integrated water management or public health; AND
  • Has an interest in applied community research.

There are a limited number of spaces available. All of the applicants will be reviewed by the Summer Institute Steering Committee to ensure that the applicant’s current and/or planned research fits with the theme of the 2017 Summer Institute. All decisions made by the Steering Committee will be final.

Evaluation Criteria

Successful applicants will be required to sign a funding agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the funding.

Signing the agreement commits the applicant to attending the entire Summer Institute, the Annual Research Conference, and the Graduate Student Seminar. The applicant must participate in all sessions (including evening events) and team activities, and complete all assignments and required readings.


Selected applicants will be required to submit the registration fee upon notification of their participation in the Summer Institute. Payment will be made through an online payment system managed by UBC Finance. Details will be sent to participants directly.

Note: Successful applicants will be:

  • Required to sign a funding agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the  Signing the agreement commits the applicant to attending and participating in all aspects of the Summer Institute, including the completion of all assignments and readings.
  • Expected to participate in the Summer Institute, the IC-IMPACTS Annual Research Conference (June 9 & 10) and the Graduate Student Seminar (June 11). Further details on the Research Conference and the Graduate Student Seminar will follow.

Annual Value

Flight & Accommodation