James M. Flaherty Program

Applications are closed for 2017.  To sign up for notifications of the 2017 call for applications, please click here.

These awards will support up to six Canadian research scholars travelling to Ireland, and up to six Irish research scholars travelling to Canada, for visits of between 4 and 6 weeks in duration.

With this strand, it is the aim of the Foundation to support individuals who are future leaders in their academic or post academic field, whose work will fulfill one or more of the following; contribute to greater collaboration between both countries in areas of public service, economics and trade contribute to a greater shared cultural understanding between countries explore areas of strategic importance to both countries, such as energy, transport, communications, health, natural resources and environmental sustainability open ways in which the Irish diaspora in Canada, and the Canadian diaspora in Ireland can deepen their engagement with their country of origin.

Canadian research scholars awarded must travel on or before 14th March 2017.

Irish research scholars awarded must travel on or before 1st June 2017.


Application Procedures

Applications for Flaherty Research Scholarships must be made online via Reviewr, an online application platform.

If you have not used Reviewr in the past, you will need to set up an account, before beginning your application. To begin the application process, please CLICK HERE (please note – this link is only for Flaherty Research Scholarship applications)

Once you have begun the application, you will be able to save your application, leave Reviewr, and login is as many times as you wish to edit your application before submitting.

Eligibility Summary

The Flaherty Program has been initiated to support to the continued development of academic links between Canada and Ireland. Applications are welcome from applicants of all ages, from all academic disciplines, whose work has the potential to further the objectives of this program, as outlined elsewhere on this website, here and here.

Applicants must be permanent residents of either country, and have been living there for at least five years. For further information on this criterion, please view the FAQ page.

Evaluation Criteria

An external panel of assessors from Canada and Ireland will review and assess applications in the light of the stated aims and objectives of the Flaherty Program, and scholarships will be awarded to those applicants whom the assessment panel decide will best deliver on these objectives.

We anticipate final assessments to be complete by the panel of assessors in early September, and will communicate with applicants immediately at that point.