Microsoft Research Women's Fellowship

The 2016-17 Microsoft Research Women’s Fellowship provided funding to a select list of academic universities that have awarded a US$20,000 fellowship to a woman who is interested in pursuing a PhD and in need of financial assistance. Of that amount, $18,000 was applied toward tuition costs and $2,000 covered travel expenses to a conference in the fellowship recipient’s field of study.

In addition, Microsoft Research created opportunities for each fellowship recipient to engage with Microsoft researchers in their domain of study and connect with each other in a collaborative community.



Application Procedures

Applicants must submit their application materials to their academic department. Direct applications to Microsoft from students will not be accepted.


Eligibility Summary

Each participating university selected a fellowship recipient who is interested in or currently pursuing a PhD at that institution, in financial need, and has high potential for engaging in research in the field of computing

The fellowship was awarded to recipients for one academic year only and is not available for extension or renewal.

The fellowship recipient had to remain an active, full-time student who is enrolled in PhD-level studies at one of the participating universities during the academic year of the award, or forfeit the fellowship.

Annual Value

$20,000 USD