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University Alliance for Sustainability, Researcher Study Stays at Freie Universität Berlin

UBC has joined with four universities worldwide in building a University Alliance for Sustainability. The project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and focuses on sustainability as a comprehensive topic for collaborating in research, teaching, and campus management.

The University Alliance for Sustainability will use its partners’ complementary strengths to develop joint research and teaching projects, offer exchange options for faculty, staff, and students, and foster inter- institutional learning with regard to management issues. Funding will also be available for researcher visits, summer schools for PhD students, conferences on the topic of “Green Campus” for management personnel and several study and internship abroad options.

Currently the University Alliance for Sustainability is offering the following exchange schemes for study and research stays at Freie Universität Berlin. Note that the exchanges have to be completed in 2017.

Funding Opportunities for 2017

1) Senior Researchers
  • Eligibility: Researchers at the postdoc level and above, for a maximum of one month in Berlin
  • Funding: Travel costs (€ 1300 lump sum) and monthly stipend (€ 2000,-)
  • Quantity: Two (2) scholarships for 2017
  • Objectives: Development of new research projects or research in already existing projects on the topic of Societal Transformation to Sustainability.
2) Junior Researchers
  • Eligibility: Doctoral students, for a maximum of two months in Berlin
  • Funding: Travel costs (€ 1300 lump sum)
  • Quantity: Two (2) scholarships for 2017
  • Objectives: Research on your PhD subject on the topic of Sustainability
3) Student Research and Study
  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s and Master’s students, for a maximum of three months in Berlin
  • Funding: Travel costs (€ 1300 lump sum)
  • Quantity: Three (3) scholarships for 2017
  • Objectives: Study abroad, research projects or internships at Freie Universität Berlin on the topic of Sustainability

Application Criteria 

Please submit proposals of no more than four pages with the following criteria:

  • A clearly formulated plan with proposed goals of the activity
  • The project’s relevance to the field of Governance for Sustainable Development
  • Written overview of the planned project and its relevance to the issue at hand
  • Timeframe and detailed budget calculation
  • Invitation by the partner university, where available, or evidence of contact between the researchers
  • Ideally, researchers will use their own universities as part of their research
  • The project’s inter-/transdisciplinary relevance (with participative and innovative methods)
  • Written endorsement from the respective faculty/department in the case of researchers
  • For researchers: endorsement of HoD
  • For students: confirmation of enrollment

Application Procedures

Applications must be sent electronically in PDF format before 31 July, 2017, to:

Victoria Smith, MA
Director, Communications and Community Engagement
UBC Sustainability Initiative, The University of British Columbia
2260 West Mall, Room 2335
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone (604) 827-4933; cc: