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UR Stars Doctoral Career Advancement Program

The UR Stars Doctoral Career Advancement Program is an opportunity to enhance the faculty recruitment pipeline and establish meaningful connections with early career scholars. This two-day program serves as a career advancement opportunity for graduate students nearing the completion of their studies, post- doctoral fellows, and junior faculty. Early career scholars of diverse backgrounds nationwide (with particular attention to historically underrepresented groups in the academy) will gain great insight about research and teaching opportunities at the University of Rochester Medical Center, while exploring career and academic advancement. Scholars who participate in the program are strongly encouraged to apply for post-doctoral fellowships at the university.

Program Overview

Scholars from across the nation will have a dynamic experience of engaging with faculty at the University of Rochester Medical Center. This two-day endeavor, scheduled for November 2018, will create spaces for Scholar Research Talks; Faculty Speed Research Talks; explore the University and Greater Rochester communities; and a few social programs, too. The inaugural class of scholars will spark incredible excitement and anticipation for the university's ever-growing inclusive community. There is no cost to participants and travel stipends are available.

Program Objectives

The UR Stars Doctoral Career Advancement Program endeavors to: (1) foster connections between current and prospective faculty members within biomedical-related fields including nursing, population and public health sciences; (2) strategically prepare for potential faculty to explore future curriculum development and course offerings; (3) serve as a bridge to assist participants transitioning from graduate student to post-doctoral fellowship or a faculty position; and (4) prepare future faculty for a career in the academy.

Program Benefits

The benefits of this program are: (1) creating opportunities for exploratory conversations with faculty from various disciplines, departments and divisions and (2) building comradery amongst scholars from different institutions and exposure to the Greater Rochester Community.

Program Candidate Eligibility

Fostering diversity by addressing underrepresentation in research areas at the University is important. Given the scope of this recruitment strategy, we are seeking scholars who are historically underrepresented in the academy. Please see website for eligibility criteria. Please include a statement in your application that addresses your candidacy for this program. An example of the type of scholar we are seeking is: Dr. Roberto Slack is a researcher who is of Latino origin, which is an underrepresented minority in the scientific arena. Accommodations are available upon request and acceptance to the program.

Application Procedures

Please refer to the University of Rochester website for application procedures.

Eligibility Requirements

Please refer to the University of Rochester website for eligibility information.