Weston Brain Institute: Early Phase Clinical Trials - Canada

Neurodegenerative diseases of aging are among the least understood and most undertreated diseases today. If ignored, the social and economic costs of managing these diseases will continue to rise. Meeting these challenges requires pioneering approaches to accelerating treatments.

The Early Phase Clinical Trials: Canada program was created to provide funding support for clinical trials and clinical trial sub-studies that have excellent preliminary data.

We are now accepting applications on diet, physical activity, sleep and nutritional supplements, if these applications meet our other scope criteria.

If you are planning on submitting an application on diet, physical activity, sleep and nutritional supplements please contact Matthew Sacheli (matthew.sacheli@westonbrain.org, 1-416-967-7828) to ensure your project meets our mandate prior to submitting.

We are encouraging applications that bring in expertise, technologies or approaches in the following areas to advance the development of therapeutics and tools for neurodegenerative diseases of aging such as: artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, data science, computer science, medicinal chemistry, biostatistics and engineering.

The Institute has updated which tools are in scope. Please read the What We Fund page before applying to ensure your project is in scope.

The Early Phase Clinical Trials: Canada program will now be run on a rolling basis. Applicants may submit an LOI at any time and will be notified of whether to prepare a full Proposal within ~2 months of LOI submission.

See our participant recruiting suggestions for ways of strengthening your recruiting plan in your proposal, and making recruiting faster and easier.

Goal: To provide funding to support clinical trials and/or clinical trial sub-studies that could accelerate the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative disease aging.


Funding: A maximum of $1,500,000 per project over up to 4 years



Application Procedures

Please refer to the Weston Brain Institute website for application procedures.

Eligibility Summary

Please refer to the Weston Brain Institute website for eligibility summary.

Annual Value

Up to $1,500,000 CAD