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Career Opportunities

Whether you are a prospective PDF looking for a position at UBC or a current UBC PDF seeking the next step in your career, this section provides valuable information to help you advance.

Becoming a PDF at UBC


Postdoctoral research fellowship eligibility can be found in UBC Policy AP10, Postdoctoral Fellows. In order to be eligible for a postdoctoral fellowship, a postdoctoral fellow generally must be within 5 years of being awarded a PhD or within 10 years of being awarded a M.D. or D.D.S. degree.

First Steps

The first step in finding a PDF position at UBC is to search the research interests of individual faculty members to locate a potential supervisor. Faculty members can be contacted directly to discuss potential PDF appointment opportunities, and applications can be made directly to faculty members.

Postdoctoral appointments at UBC are managed through individual faculties and departments. The Postdoctoral Fellows Office does not accept applications nor are we involved in the hiring process.

Post a Position

If you are a UBC faculty, department/unit, or laboratory and are interested in posting a position, please refer to the Job Ads page on the G+PS Faculty & Staff portal. Positions can be cross-posted to a number of job search websites, including Nature Careers, EurAxess, Mendeley Careers, jobRxiv, and Handshake. For additional information, contact the PDFO.

UBC PDF Postings

While most PDF positions at UBC can by found by contacting a faculty member directly, some positions may be posted on individual faculty websites. Please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for a comprehensive list of links to UBC's faculties. Postdoctoral Fellowship positions may also be posted on UBC's Faculty Careers Workday portal.

The following faculty members have indicated to us that they are actively looking to attract Postdocs.

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Research Interests: Agri-food Transformation Products, Aspartic proteases, Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms, Biophysics, Enzymes and Proteins, Food chemistry, Food proteins, Funtional amyloid, Meat analogues, Nanomaterials, Nutriceuticals and Functional Foods, Prions, Protein aggregation, Protein engineering, Protein folding, Protein nanofibrils, Proteins, Psychrophilic enzymes

Potential project areas:

1. genetic and chemical modification to engineer functional amyloid

2. examine misfolding and aggregation of prion proteins

3. conversion of plant proteins into nanofibrils for use in foods

4. mechanisms of biofilm-associated amyloid fibril formation

Research Interests: Metabolomics, Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Cellular Metabolism, Bioinformatics

Potential project areas:

Our research interests include:

  • Integration of metabolomics with other ‘omics’ (epigenomics, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics) data for the systems-level interrogation of biological problems
  • Application of state-of-art metabolomics technologies in various biological challenges, such as mechanistic understanding of cancer metabolism and disease biomarker discovery
  • Synergetic development of analytical and bioinformatic techniques to enhance metabolomic coverage and improve the confidence of metabolite identification

Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Cancer Genetics, Cancer biology, Genomic rearrangements, Genomics, Pancreas, Pathology, Patient derived models

Potential project areas:

We conduct translational cancer research and have various ongoing projects focusing on Pancreatic Cancer. We are looking for students interested in a bioinformatics and bench top project studying genomic alterations and rearrangements and students interested in the development and use of patient deterived organoid models for translational research including drug screening, metabolism, and idetification of treatment markers. 


Research Interests: Community Health / Public Health, Behavioral medicine, Exercise psychology, Mental health, Physical activity and public health, Physical activity interventions

Potential project areas:

Physical activity and public health - intervention development and evaluation

Research Interests: Genomics and Proteomics, Asthma, Heart Transplantation, Complex Trait Genetics, Fungal Infections, Occupational Lung Diseases, Dual organism molecular interaction (fungal spores & human airway epithelium), Early and late reactions in allergic asthma and rhinitis, Diagnostics of acute heart rejection, Neonatal vaccine immunogenicity, Systems biology, biomarkers & bioinformatics

Research Interests: international political economy, international relations, international trade, trade policy, global governance, industrial policy, development, emerging powers, China, India, Brazil, World Trade Organization (WTO), US-China relations

Research Interests: Health Information Systems, Design, family medicine, eHealth Adoption, eHealth Requirements Engineering, eHealth Ux/UI Design, software engineering, Decision Support Systems, Treatment Adherence, Consumer eHealth, Health System Improvement, Primary Care, Team-based care

Potential project areas:

Our lab is based in Victoria and connected to both the Island Medical Program and UVic Computer Science. We have a range of projects including: eHealth related projects connected to community based Electronic Medical record design and assessment of adoption; action research projects with partners related to health system improvement using EMRs in practice; consumer mHealth projects related to use of technology for patient reported outcomes in aging and in treatment adherence

Research Interests: Aging, Cell Biology, Neurodegenerative diseases, Proteasome, Protein Degradation, Protein Folding, Proteomics, Proteostasis, Ubiquitin, Yeast Genetics

Potential project areas:

The main lab focus is protein quality control and how misfolded proteins are triaged within the cell. In the next years, we want to establish several new projects and here are some examples:
- Identification of protein quality control pathways mediating rare genetic diseases in human.
- Reconstitution of the quality control machinery in vitro to better understand the molecular mechanism.
- Characterization of the Nedd4/Rsp5 quality control pathway in mammalian cells.
- Development of new proteomics approaches to determine client repertoires of chaperone proteins.
- Characterization of the formation of heat stress granules.
- Characterization of changes in the protein homeostasis network upon aging

Research Interests: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Quantitative MRI, Brain Disorders, resting state functional MRI, Myelin Water Imaging, Arterial Spin Labelling, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Fractal based analysis, Concussion, Diagnostic Imaging, Epilepsy, Seizures, Traumatic Brain Injury, Open Science, Biomedical Engineering, Rett Syndrome

Potential project areas:

Neonatal Brain Imaging

Rett Syndrome

Fractal Analysis of fMRI Signals

Cerebrovascular Health

Cerebral Metabolic Rate of Oxygen (CMRO2) Mapping by Combining Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) and Quantitative Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent Imaging (qBOLD)

Concussions / Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

Using Advanced MRI Techniques FLAIR2 and QSM to Identify and Classify Focal Cortical Dysplasia (FCD)

Research Interests: emergency radiology; ways to develop faster, safer, and more sensitive methods for diagnosing patients in the acute care setting; ultra low dose techniques in the acute setting, dual energy CT in the acute setting, polytrauma imaging, brain perfusion in trauma and role of MRI in the acute setting.

Potential project areas:

Emergency/Trauma Imaging, Computed Tomography, Machine Learning, Healthcare Applications

Online Career Resources

After your first position at UBC, you may move to a PDF or faculty position at another university. Postings external to UBC may be found at the following websites:

The UBC Postdoctoral Association also maintains a Jobs page on their website.

UBC Faculty Careers

For current PDFs looking to embark on the next phase of their academic career, please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for a list of current UBC faculty opportunities. Please also visit UBC faculty websites for available positions within each specific faculty.

Current postings outside UBC

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Global Sourcing amid Supply Chain Disruptions
Research Associate in Psychology
Scientist/Senior Scientist