PDFO-SPARC Internal Review Training Program and CIHR Mock Review Toolkit Pilot

The PDFO-SPARC Internal Review Training Program was co-developed by the PDFO and SPARC to integrate emerging scholars into SPARC's Internal Review process.

In line with CIHR's Postdoctoral Peer Review Training Pilot Program, the Internal Review Training Program was designed to enrich the postdoctoral training experience and strengthen the competitiveness of UBC's grant proposals. The program was developed to leverage the scientific expertise of Postdoctoral Fellows, foster the development of critical thinking skills, and supplement the applicant discussion groups with feedback from subject matter experts. Postdoc participants admitted into the training program must complete a series of intensive workshops and work assignments designed to develop proficiency both in the CIHR Project Grant program and in conducting quality reviews.


Program Components

The Internal Review Training Program is comprised of a series of five sessions. Participants who successfully complete the training program receive a letter of acknowledgement from the Office of the Vice President Research and Innovation in recognition of their efforts.

Session 1: Introduction to the CIHR Project Grant Program and Peer Review

In the first session, participants will be introduced to the CIHR Project Grant program and to the principles and policies guiding CIHR Peer Review:

Session 2: Mock Review

In the second session, participants will undertake a mock review of a previously reviewed Project Grant proposal following SPARC’s ‘Applicant Feedback’ worksheet and will study the evolution of the proposal from an early draft to a successful submission.

Session 3: Peer Review Committee Meeting

At the conclusion of the training sessions, participants will participate in a CIHR-structured, peer review committee meeting to discuss the proposals submitted to SPARC's Internal Review program. SPARC will facilitate the review meeting with the assistance of a Chair selected from the Alumni Network. The Chair will facilitate the group discussion and seek consensus from the reviewers on the overall strengths of each proposal and the key areas for improvement.

Session 4: Applicant Discussion Groups

A designated participant spokesperson will participate in the subsequent applicant discussion groups to share key points from the PDF review meeting.

Session 5: Networking Luncheon

At the conclusion of the training program, the PDFO and SPARC will co-host a luncheon for participants to network and share their learning experience.

Alumni Network

Participants who have successfully completed the program will have the opportunity to join the virtual community of internal reviewers and will be invited to lead a session of the training program. By participating in the training sessions, alumni will have the opportunity to share their insights and personal experience in the program, and mentor the next cohort of reviewers. It is expected that participating alumni will further develop leadership and mentorship skills, and that the new program participants will have the opportunity to interact and learn from their peers.


Check back for information on upcoming program sessions and the registration process.