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Professional Development Events

The PDFO is dedicated to providing a wide variety of quality professional development opportunities to UBC’s postdoc community.

The PDFO is proud to offer five flagship professional development programs in addition to regularly-scheduled professional development workshops:

  • Foundations of Career Planning Program: A three-part workshop program designed to introduce postdocs to the support and resources required to establish the foundations of a post-PDF career in academia or with a primary focus on industry. By the end of the program, participants will have developed through self-reflection the foundations needed to structure a development plan, put together a professional portfolio, and navigate the industry interview and negotiation process.
  • PDFO-SPARC Internal Review Training Program: Launched in 2018, the PDFO-SPARC Internal Review Training Program is designed to integrate emerging scholars into UBC’s internal grant review process while also strengthening the competitiveness of UBC’s CIHR Project Grant applications.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows Teaching Internship (PDTI): In collaboration with the Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL), the Postdoc Teaching Internship is comprised of a three-day Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) and opportunities to work with a mentor.
  • Summer Institute in Project Management: A program designed to provide a comprehensive overview of topics in research project management, including an introduction to the principles, and key elements of scope, time, cost, quality, stakeholder and risk management for projects in research. Participants attend six two-hour sessions over a two-month period, and modules are supplemented by online readings and videos.
  • Winter Institute in Advanced Project Management: A follow-up to the PDFO's Summer Institute in Project Management, the Winter Institute in Project Management covers intermediate and advanced topics in project management and leadership. Building on the learning outcomes of the Summer Institute, this pilot program will provide participants the opportunity to apply these learnings by working on a group project. Participants will also learn about essential elements of leadership and management.

Additional professional development resources that are available to UBC-appointed Postdoctoral Fellows can be found on the Professional Development Resources page.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

UBC offers and administers programs that provide professional development to PDFs. Events offered by the PDFO will open for registration approximately two weeks in advance of each session. Registration is required for all PDFO events. Participants who are successfully registered in a professional development session will receive a confirmation email from the PDFO within a week of the session.

The PDFO reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule a course due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs registrants will be contacted via email as soon as possible.

    PDFO Workshops and Seminars

    Event Title Event Date Sort descending Organizer
    Winter Institute in Advanced Project Management (Postponed) - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    6 Feet Together: Professional Networking in a Hybrid World - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    Postdoc Instructional Skills Workshop - Winter 2022 - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    The Six Leadership Conversations - Postdoctoral Fellows Office

    Other Workshops and Seminars

    Event Title Event Date Sort descending Organizer
    Abstracts: Communicating Research Findings With Brevity and Concision - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Building Your Project Network Map - Mitacs Training
    Mastering the elevator pitch - Mitacs Training
    Writing with Integrity: Fundamentals for Emerging Scholars - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    3-Minute Postdoc Slam - UBC Postdoctoral Association (UBC PDA)
    Finding and Using Open Education Resources - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Open Education 101 - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Project and Time Management - Mitacs Training
    Introduction to OSF - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Copyright and Licensing for Open Educational Resources - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Framing your project in a masterful presentation - Mitacs Training
    Project and Time Management - Mitacs Training
    Research Article Introductions: Mind the Gap - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Writing in STEM: Common Academic Expressions in English - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Research Article Conclusions: Wrapping Up and Looking Forward - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    Refined Project Communication Plan - Mitacs Training
    Applying the principles of sound leadership and team building - Mitacs Training
    Incorporating reconciliation, equity, diversity, and inclusion into your project - Mitacs Training

    Previous Events

    Event Title Event Date Sort ascending Organizer
    Project and Time Management - Mitacs Training
    NPAW 2022: National Postdoc Appreciation Week Barbecue - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    PDA Pub Social - NPAW Special - UBC Postdoctoral Association (UBC PDA)
    NPAW 2022: From Postdoc to PI: Transitioning to a Faculty Position (Panel) - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    Literature Reviews: Mapping the Scholarly Conversation - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    NPAW 2022: Virtual Grant Support Session with Dr. Erica Machulak - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    Common Academic Expressions in English: Basic Functions - Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
    NPAW 2022: Tips and Tricks for Crafting Compelling Grant Applications - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    Orientation for Postdoctoral Fellows: Fall 2022 - Postdoctoral Fellows Office
    NPAW 2022: It’s Not What You Know, It’s How You Tell Them: The Power of Entertainment in Communication (Postponed Due to UBC Closure) - Postdoctoral Fellows Office

    Privacy Notification: Your personal information is collected under the authority of section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This information will be used for the purpose of planning and administering each professional development workshop and event offered by the Postdoctoral Fellows Office (PDFO). Questions about the collection of this information may be directed to the PDFO at