Anders Erickson

Project Description

My research project is a part of a larger program that aims to assess the low-dose effect of ambient air pollution on chronic disease mortality in Canada. The larger program has the following specific objectives: 1) Examine the shape of the association between long-term exposure to ambient concentrations of PM2.5 and cause-specific mortality in three large Canadian cohorts (i.e. the 1991, 1996, and 2001 Canadian Census, Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC)); and 2) Examine the sensitivity of the estimated shape of the concentration-mortality curve to various confounding adjustments and effect modifications. My research project focuses on Objective 2 in which we want to assess the degree of potential bias from missing lifestyle risk factors (e.g. smoking, alcohol use, and obesity) on the association between air pollution and cause-specific mortality using a method of indirect adjustment.

Research Interests

spatial epidemiology
perinatal epidemiology
environmental epidemiology
built environment
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Research Methodology

biostatistical and epidemiological methods
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Big data


Faculty of Medicine