Andrew Hammond

Project Description

My research is about how institutions and organizations respond to broader social issues of inequality and discrimination. I completed my Ph.D. at Monash University (in Melbourne, Australia) where I explored the relationship between disability and inclusion policy and coaching practices in Australian Swimming. Through my research, I was able to show how there is a disconnect between coach education and inclusive policy produced by government and sporting organizations. This is problematic because if coaches are not well supported, then the possibilities for inclusion can be limited.
In my postdoc, I currently work in conjunction with viaSport BC to examine how sporting organizations can develop policies, strategies and processes to include more British Columbians with a disability. My research intended to inform the development of new policies that will help shape sporting organizations to be better positioned to respond to the individual needs of a more diverse range of people with disabilities in the province. This work is part of a broader SSHRC partnership development grant project led by Dr. Andrea Bundon (UBC) and Dr. Caitlin Pentifallo Gadd (from viaSport BC).
My publications can be found at my research gate profile here
Other grant-funded research projects include:
- Carlile Swimming Archive Project: Phase 1, funded by Carlile Support Pty Ltd, $12,100. (Co-PI with Professor Dawn Penney at Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Andrew is available for consultancy in the areas of Managment, Sport, Policy and Disability and inclusion and interested parties should email him at

Research Interests

Disability studies

Research Methodology

Policy analysis
Community Based Research
Policy implementation


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