Arthur Ghigo

Project Description

Targeted drug delivery is a state of the art drug delivery technique used to treat cancerous tumours and cardiovascular pathologies. This technique uses arterial imaging data and numerical haemodynamic predictions to determine the best injection site that maximizes the number of nano-particles reaching the targeted tumour. To predict the optimal drug administration site, TDD relies on numerical models and methods able to describe at reasonable computational costs the extremely complex transport of nano-drugs. The goal of this research project is therefore to develop a multiscale cardiovascular modelling framework, able to describe the complete nano-drug transport process. Three subproblems will be addressed: the macro-circulation (transport in large arteries), the meso-circulation (transport in arterioles and large capillaries) and the micro-circulation (transport in small capillaries near the tumour).

Research Interests

fluid mechanics
Particle Laden Flow
Reduced-Order Models
numerical methods
Wave Dynamics

Research Methodology

High Performance Computing
Reduced-Order Modeling


Faculty of Science