Carole Lunny

Project Description

Title: Testing the methodology, reproducibility, reducing error and bias, and critical appraisal of: overviews of systematic reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, network meta-analyses, and clinical practice guidelines.
Bio: Carole Lunny is a postdoctoral fellow and a methodologist with the Cochrane Hypertension Group and the Therapeutics Initiative, UBC. She specialises in methods for research synthesis and completed her PhD at Cochrane Australia at Monash University’s School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine under Dr Joanne McKenzie. She has worked in the field of systematic reviewing and meta-analysis for the past 15 years. She is an expert in meta-analytic techniques including network meta-analysis.
She is a member of the Cochrane Collaborations Statistical methods group, and the Open Science Taskforce at UBC. She is a representative of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Education Committee and the Faculty of Medicine Post-Doctoral Professional Development Team.
She is interested in collaborating with researchers and students interested in testing methods used in different study designs in research syntheses, or methods for assessing risk of bias of different study designs.
Carole Lunny, MPH, PhD, Postoctoral Fellow, Methodology and Research Synthesis, Cochrane Hypertension Group and the Therapeutics Initiative

Research Interests

Methodology, bias, reproducibility, transparency, systematic reviews
Evidence synthesis
Knowledge translation
Evaluation and testing of methods
Reducing research waste
Network meta-analysis

Research Methodology

Reporting guidelines for overviews of reviews
Assessment of risk of bias of studies
Publication bias
Reviews of methods studies
Evaluation of methods studies
Overviews of systematic reviews
Systematic reviews
Cochrane methods
Network meta-analysis


Faculty of Medicine