Jenn Bossio

Project Description

I am interested in human sexuality, with a focus on male sexuality. My research program involves the development and evaluation of evidence-based treatments for sexual dysfunction, with the goal of shifting the treatment model of sexual health towards a multidisciplinary approach. Specifically, I began my Postdoc by using mindfulness-based therapy as a group treatment to help improve the sexual lives of couples following prostate cancer treatments (as prostate cancer treatments leads to sexual dysfunction in 90% of men). Now, I am expanding to a randomized clinical trial comparing three possible treatments aimed at improving intimacy after prostate cancer treatments; midnfulness-based therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and a control arm of no intervention. It is my hope that this research will help improve the lives of the 1 in 8 men diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as their partners, and in the process improve our standard of care for these patients. 

Research Interests

sexual dysfunction
cognitive behavioural therapy
Mental Health
prostate cancer survivorship
evidence-based psychological treatments
multidisciplinary health care
sexual psychophysiology
erectile dysfunction

Research Methodology

randomize clinical trials
self-report measures
sexual psychophysiology
chart review
penile plethysmography
vaginal plethysmography
qualitative analyses


Faculty of Medicine