Juliana Eca Negreiros

Project Description

I have been taking a leadership role on different research projects as a postdoctoral fellow. Below is a brief explanation of the main projects:
1) OCD Neurocognition study: a study that looks at how youth who have OCD may think or solve problems in a different way than those who do not have OCD. This study also looks at whether there are similar ways of thinking between children and youth with OCD and their siblings that are passed on from parents to their children. 
2) Academic Functioning in OCD study: this study looks compares OCD-affected youth’s academic functioning in reading, math, and writing to that of healthy controls. 
3) OCD School Functioning Survey study: a study that looks at how OCD affects the school life of OCD-affected youth.
4) Booster Session study: monthly drop-in booster sessions for children and youth that have previously received treatment from the Provincial OCD Program. The goal of the study is to examine attendance rates and predictors for follow-up booster sessions in pediatric OCD

Research Interests

Neurocognition in Children and Youth
Academic Functioning
Treatment Outcomes
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
School Psychology

Research Methodology

Quantitative research


Faculty of Medicine