Julien Gascon-Samson

Project Description

Internet of Things (IoT) systems nowadays exhibit many important challenges, such as the proliferation of numerous incompatible protocols and devices which make the design, implementation and integration of IoT systems extremely complex and costly. There is a compelling need to come up with a universal development paradigm, so that the various components of the system can be programmed using the same set of software abstractions, and so that all components of an IoT system can speak to each other, regardless of their hardware or operating systems. In addition, many IoT systems nowadays exhibit important security challenges which can lead to disastrous consequences if left unaddressed.
In our work, we aim at solving these challenges by proposing SmartJS, a rich Javascript Node.js-based runtime environment and ubiquitous communication system that abstracts the complexity and specificities of the various platforms, operating systems and lower-level protocols used in today’s IoT systems.
We are currently focusing our research on several orientations, such as scheduling and load-balancing, dynamic code migration, communications as well as dependability and security.

Research Methodology

Technologies: Javascript, Raspberry PI


Faculty of Applied Science