Kimberly Dill-Mcfarland

Project Description

Experiential Data Science for Undergraduate Cross-disciplinary Education (EDUCE)
EDUCE seeks to develop a uniform experiential learning framework that is cross-disciplinary and collaborative to equip undergraduate students in the life sciences with basic competency and literacy in data science as it pertains to microbiome sequence information. To achieve this, EDUCE will develop and implement a mechanism to augment undergraduate training in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology (MICB) with basic analyses and statistical principles and microbiome data processing and interpretation – skills that transcend any one course in the department. In phase one, EDUCE will integrate new data science modules into existing third and fourth year courses and offer experiential learning activities including open office hours, social problem solving activities and workshops. Through this combination of integrated course modules and experiential learning activities EDUCE will provide persistent benefits to undergraduate students to better prepare them to address complex social, environmental, and technological challenges in an increasingly collaborative and data-driven workforce.

Research Interests

microbial communities
undergraduate education in STEM


Faculty of Science