Maria Arredondo

Project Description

I am a National Science Foundation and UBC Killam postdoctoral research fellow, working under the guidance of Drs. Janet F. Werker and Richard N. Aslin. I am affiliated with the Infant Studies Centre at the University of British Columbia and Haskins Laboratories.
In my research, I investigate how bilingual infants and children become proficient in their languages, which cognitive and brain mechanisms underlie successful language acquisition, and how bilinguals use linguistic information to succeed in school and learn from their diverse socio-cultural environments
At UBC, I am investigating how bilingual infants distinguish their languages and whether this ability is supported by attentional mechanisms, how attentional mechanisms are organized in the bilingual brain, and whether it predicts long-term vocabulary knowledge.

Research Interests

Brain development
Cognitive development

Research Methodology

functional neuroimaging
experimental design


Faculty of Arts

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