Mehrdad Bokharaei

Project Description

My research is focused on development of lipid base drug delivery system for gene therapy. Transferring genetic materials into body for gene therapy cannot be done without using an appropriate vectors and/or carrier. Lipid nanoparticles are one of the safest carriers developed for this purpose. I am using microfluidic systems for the development of lipid base nanoparticle formulations for (i) gene delivery and (2) genetic vaccination. The system has the capability to be loaded with genetic materials such as mRNA, siRNA and oligonucleotides or loaded with multiple adjuvants with distinct immune-stimulating mechanisms and incorporated with pDNA.

Research Classification

Research Interests

Targeted and Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems
Stimuli Responsive Drug Delivery Systems
Microfluidics in Drug Delivery
Lab on a Chip
Gene Therapy

Research Methodology

Cell culture
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Electron Microscopy
Microfluidic Mixing


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences