Michael Irvine

Project Description

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute for Applied Mathematics at UBC and the BCCDC. I am interested in methods to understand complex epidemics with often limited and noisy data. More specifically, the aim of my work is to examine the effectiveness of interventions for chronic or communicable diseases using a variety of modelling and Bayesian methods. I received my PhD in mathematical ecology and complexity science at the University of Warwick, UK. British Columbia is currently experiencing a dramatic opioid overdose crisis that has had a devastating impact across many communities. My intention is, in partnership with the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, to use mathematical modelling to understand key aspects around this epidemic. In response to this escalating crisis, a number of interventions were introduced or scaled-up throughout the province including an expansion of take-home naloxone, overdose prevention services and opioid agonist therapies. Combining data using cutting-edge Bayesian and mathematical modeling techniques, I will estimate the combined impact of these interventions and project what ongoing impact they will have along with other policies proposed by the ministry.

Research Interests

mathematical modelling
Bayesian analysis


Faculty of Science

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