Ramin Dastanpour

Project Description

My research is on particle measurement systems and protocols under Theme 4 of the FlareNet Strategic Network which includes:

  • Development of a portable sample extraction, conditioning, and splitting apparatus which achieves representative and stable sampling from the flare exhaust plume and mitigates further evolution of the particulate morphology during transition through the sampling system.
  • Selection of samplers, media, and handling and storage procedures for samples destined for conventional TEM, HRTEM, Raman spectroscopy, and chemical analysis.
  • Development and documentation of particle and BC mass, number, and mobility size measurement protocols critical to ensuring consistency and accuracy among experiments.
  • Experiments on the Carleton University intermediate-scale flare to complete the first-ever systematic study of the morphology and optical properties of particles from “conventional” flares over a range of flares sizes and gas velocities.

Research Interests

Air quality
Public health
Aerosol Science
Emission measurement


Faculty of Applied Science