Robert Bittner

Project Description

My postdoctoral research focuses on representation in LGBTQ (particularly trans-focused) YA novels and trans/queer youth information seeking behaviours. Explicitly trans identified characters in young adult (YA) literature were not published by mainstream publishers until after 2004 in the wake of Julie Ann Peters’s Luna. Soon after, many more trans YA novels began to arrive on the market, and the depictions of trans youth in these books became a site of fascination for me and my research. After reading much of the available scholarship on trans and queer children’s and YA literature, it became apparent that there was a disconnect between theoretical (more scholarly) ways of reading existing novels and ways in which the books were actually being read (in a qualitative sense), and by whom. Thus, the focus of my doctoral research has filled at least a portion of the existing gap between theoretical and practical examinations of reading behaviours, but in terms of the literature itself more than the information seeking practices of the youth themselves, which is what this postdoctoral project aims to cover.

Research Interests

Transgender Studies
Queer Studies
Information Seeking
Youth Cultures

Research Methodology

Online Questionnaires

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