Yijian Yang

Project Description

My research focuses on injury prevention and mobility enhancement in older adults. During my PhD, I sought to understand the circumstances of falls and factors associated with risk for injuries. My current postdoc research involves two projects. The first project was supported by MITACS, which aimed to survey existing evidence (through literature synthesis and electronic surveys to recreational therapists) on the effectiveness of recreation therapy programs in enhancing mobility outcomes (e.g., physical activity, performance of daily activities, falls) for residents in long-term care. Results from this project have led to a practice guideline (published in Canadian Association for Long Term Care) and a systematic review manuscript (currently under peer review). The second project was supported by Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Fellowship. My aim was to develop and evaluate an adapted exercise program that enhances strength and mobility for older adults in assisted living. I have conducted a pilot study in two assisted living facilities to show the feasibility of this adapted program. My next step is to conduct a larger clinical trial to examine the effects of this program on mobility enhancement and fall prevention. 

Research Interests

Fall prevention
Physical activity
Mobility and balance assessment
Mechanisms of falls
Exercise intervention
Aging and technology

Research Methodology

Risk factor analysis
Geriatrics and Gerontology
Cohort study
Randomized controlled study
Generalized linear models
Mixed methods


Faculty of Medicine