Drug Abuse

Melissa Woodward

My primary research interests involve the interaction between brain health and physical health for individuals with mental health concerns. My doctoral work focused on the impact of exercise and antipsychotic medication on neuroplasticity and symptom severity for individuals with schizophrenia using structural MRI in chronic schizophrenia, first episode psychosis, and animal models. My postdoctoral work focuses on longitudinal brain imaging of individuals experiencing homelessness or precarious housing in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Sofia Bartlett

Different distributions of social conditions, vulnerabilities, (e.g. drug use, mental illness) or other infections (HIV, HBV, TB), contribute to differences among populations affected by hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The different distribution of these comorbidities drives heterogeneity in cascades of care (diagnosis, initiation of treatment, cure and retention in care).