Evolutionary Genetics

Brandon Lind

CoAdapTree - Healthy Trees for a Future Climate. My work with Dr. Aitken will be to discover and describe genetic variation underlying adaptation to climate within species of Pinaceae. This information will be used alongside other aspects of CoAdapTree to aid foresters in planting tomorrow's forests by helping to optimize planted material for future climates.

Daniel Anstett

I am studying rapid evolution to climate change in scarlet monkeyflower, Mimulus cardinalis. In particular, I am investigating evidence of adaptation to severe drought throughout California and Oregon, using range-wide seed collections spanning six years. This is done by measuring resistance to drought throughout and traits that mediate drought performance in a greenhouse.

Yang Liu

(1) POPCAN project (Genetic improvement of black cottonwood and Balsam poplar);
(2) Resilient Forests (RES-FOR): Climate, Pests & Policy – Genomic Applications project (Human-oriented selection and GWAS using genomic signatures in conifers).