Killam Fellowship Travel and Research Allowance

The UBC Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Fund for Advanced Studies provides current Killam Doctoral Scholars and Postdoctoral Research Fellows with an allowance to promote travel for research and to attend and/or present at academic meetings.

Application Procedures

Complete and submit a Killam Fellowship Travel Expense Form to apply for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

Killam Doctoral Scholars:

The allowance has a value of $2,000 over the 24-month tenure of the Killam Doctoral Scholarship.

Killam Doctoral Scholars may also apply for funding from the Graduate Student Travel Fund once they have exhausted their Killam Allowance. The Graduate Student Travel Fund provides one-time travel support to a maximum of $500 per graduate student who presents a paper or poster at an official conference or symposium (student workshops are not eligible).

Killam Doctoral Scholars should apply for the Killam Allowance before applying separately for the Graduate Student Travel Fund.

Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellows:

The allowance has a value of $4,000 over the 24-month tenure of the Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.


  • For research-related travel, please submit claim within 30 days of the return date.
  • For discretionary research expenses, please submit claim within 30 days of incurring the expense.
  • For one-time relocation to Vancouver, please submit claim within 60 days of the fellowship start date. Please note that relocation expenses must have been incurred within 60 days before and/or after the commencement date of the fellowship.

Eligibility Requirements

Only current Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Killam Doctoral Scholars are eligible for the Killam Allowance. Non-Killam doctoral students may seek assistance from the Graduate Student Travel Fund. Non-Killam postdoctoral fellows may apply for the PDF Travel Award.

Eligible travel expenses are as follows:

  • Airline or other public carrier travel (at economy fare)
  • Mileage (includes fuel cost)
  • Accommodation
  • Conference registration
  • Meals


Please review UBC Policy #83 "Travel and Related Expenses" for a full list of allowable expenses and related requirements.

Additional expenses reimbursed for Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellows are as follows:

  • one-time relocation expenses to Vancouver
  • minor research-related expenses

Please review UBC Policy #82.


Evaluation Criteria

Applications that are complete and meet the eligibility requirements will be reimbursed.

Annual Value

Up to $4,000 CAD