Whether you are a prospective PDF looking for a position at UBC or a current UBC PDF seeking the next step in your career, this section provides valuable information to help you advance.

Becoming a PDF at UBC


Postdoctoral research fellowship eligibility can be found in UBC Policy #61, Postdoctoral Fellows. In order to be eligible for a postdoctoral fellowship, a postdoctoral fellow generally must be within 5 years of being awarded a PhD or within 10 years of being awarded a M.D. or D.D.S. degree.

First Steps

The first step in finding a PDF position at UBC is to search the research interests of individual faculty members to locate a potential supervisor. Faculty members can be contacted directly to discuss potential PDF appointment opportunities, and applications can be made directly to faculty members.

Postdoctoral appointments at UBC are managed through individual faculties and departments. The Postdoctoral Fellows Office does not accept applications nor are we involved in the hiring process.

UBC PDF Postings

While most PDF positions at UBC can by found by contacting a faculty member directly, some positions may be posted on individual faculty websites. Please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for a comprehensive list of links to UBC's faculties. The following faculty members have indicated to us that they are actively looking to attract Postdocs.

Research Interests: Timber Engineering, Wood Building Systems, Hybrid Wood-Based Systems, Seismic Design and Analysis of Timber, Industrialised Wood Systems, Engineered Wood Solutions, Wood as Structural Material, Engineering Wood Design

Research Interests: Neurodevelopment, Early-adversity, Biomarkers of early stress exposure

Potential project areas:

I am conducting novel translational research to advance the health and care of children and their families. Specifically, my long-term goal is to improve the care of infants born preterm worldwide. To accomplish this, I am leading a research program to address the impact of early stress, such as pain, inflammation, treatments and maternal separation, on the developing brain of very preterm infants, and to assure that these findings will be translated into clinical practice. Particularly, I aim to determine possible mechanisms underlying the effects of early stress, such as pain-related changes, and to test novel mitigating treatments in both animal models and in human infants. Indeed, in order to improve clinical care for preterm infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), much more research is needed to examine long-term effects of neonatal early exposure to stressful events and treatments on brain development and later outcomes, particularly in those born very preterm; this work is necessary so that we can understand the etiology of neurodevelopmental problems which occur at high rates in these vulnerable children.

Research Interests: Nutritional Epidemiology, Public and Population Health, Dietetics, Clinical Epidemiology, Predictive Analytics, Chronic Disease Prevention, Dietary Pattern Modeling

Research Interests: urban forestry, urban soils, urban ecology

Potential project areas:

Greeninfrastructure and urban forests, manufactured and engineered soils for urban applications, effects of urban forest structure on soil properties, building construction and greeninfrastructure, below-ground streetscape design, urban ecology related to urban forests

Research Interests: Computer Systems, Software (Tools), Computer Science and Statistics, software engineering, security and privacy, energy-efficiency , developer productivity , mobile and cloud-native software

Research Interests: Film Making, Production and Exploration in Visual Arts, AIDS / HIV, Political Culture, Society and Ideology, Ideological, Political, Economical and Social Environments of Social Transformations, Sexuality, Social Determinants of Health, South Africa, Indigenous Studies, Afropessimism & Critical Race Studies, Documentary, Environmental Justice, Affect Theory

Research Interests: Meta-Analysis, Parametric and Non-Parametric Inference, Theoretical Statistics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Bayesian statistical methods, Causal inference, Evidence synthesis, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Partial Identification

Research Interests: Prostate Cancer, Modeling and Targeting the Development of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Research Interests: Alzheimer's Disease, Molecular Genetics, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Cell Signaling, Cognition, Genetics of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases, Neuropharmacology, Transgenic Model, Down Syndrome, Mental Health, Alzheimer's Disease

Potential project areas:

Alzheimer's disease; Down syndrome; neuropsychiatric disorders; Neurogenesis.


UBC Faculty Careers

For current PDFs looking to embark on the next phase of their academic career, please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for links to UBC faculty websites. Faculty positions are are posted within their specific faculty.

Online Career Resources

After your first position at UBC, you may move to a PDF or faculty position at another university. Postings external to UBC may be found at the following websites:

Current Postings

Position Title Employer/Institution Application Deadline
PhD Studentship (4 years), Reiner Laboratory University of British Columbia Monday, 1 April 2019
Postdoctoral Scholar, Division of Infectious Diseases University of British Columbia Friday, 15 March 2019
Postdoctoral Scholar: Human Social and Population Epigenetics University of British Columbia Friday, 15 March 2019
Postdoctoral Position in Immunology University of Toronto Thursday, 28 February 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow in Biofluid Diagnostics University of British Columbia Monday, 1 April 2019
Martha LA McCain Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies University of Toronto Monday, 25 February 2019
Post-doctoral Fellow , Single Cell Genomics, Molecular Biology – Aparicio Lab University of British Columbia Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Post-doctoral Fellow – Aparicio Lab BC Cancer Agency Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Career opporunities: open Postdoc positions at UBC, details how to become a Postdoc at UBC