Whether you are a prospective PDF looking for a position at UBC or a current UBC PDF seeking the next step in your career, this section provides valuable information to help you advance.

Becoming a PDF at UBC


Postdoctoral research fellowship eligibility can be found in UBC Policy AP10, Postdoctoral Fellows. In order to be eligible for a postdoctoral fellowship, a postdoctoral fellow generally must be within 5 years of being awarded a PhD or within 10 years of being awarded a M.D. or D.D.S. degree.

First Steps

The first step in finding a PDF position at UBC is to search the research interests of individual faculty members to locate a potential supervisor. Faculty members can be contacted directly to discuss potential PDF appointment opportunities, and applications can be made directly to faculty members.

Postdoctoral appointments at UBC are managed through individual faculties and departments. The Postdoctoral Fellows Office does not accept applications nor are we involved in the hiring process.

Post a Position

If you are a UBC faculty, department/unit, or laboratory and are interested in posting a position, please refer to the Job Ads page on the G+PS Faculty & Staff portal. Positions can be cross-posted to a number of job search websites, including Nature Careers, EurAxess, Mendeley Careers, jobRxiv, and Handshake. For additional information, contact the PDFO.

UBC PDF Postings

While most PDF positions at UBC can by found by contacting a faculty member directly, some positions may be posted on individual faculty websites. Please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for a comprehensive list of links to UBC's faculties. Postdoctoral Fellowship positions may also be posted on UBC's Faculty Careers Workday portal.

The following faculty members have indicated to us that they are actively looking to attract Postdocs.

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Potential project areas:

1. Effective monitoring of urban parks and forests usage

- Overall research question: How can we monitor and predict the usage dynamics in urban parks and greenways in a reliable and efficient way?

- Skills/interests needed: digital technology (sensors, drones, etc.), computer programming (python, R, SQL, etc.), machine learning algorithms, observational research

2. Role of urban forestry in urban developments

- Overall research question: What are the role and impacts of urban forestry design and planning in sustainable urban developments?

- Skills/interests needed: urban planning and design, mixed-methods research (case studies, quasi-experiments, statistical analysis)

3. Access to urban parks and forests of varying sizes and forms

- Overall research question: How do we connect low-mobility populations (e.g., children, older adults, people with disabilities, low-income people) with different sizes and types of urban parks and forests?

- Skills/interests needed: GIS, statistics, multidisciplinary interests (forest management, environmental justice, urban design and planning, transportation, etc.)

Research Interests: Arts, Literature and Subjectivity, Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, French Literature (1945 to the present), Québec and French-Canadian Literature and Culture, Spatial Poetics, Visual Culture

Potential project areas:

Among other potential projects, I am looking for students or postdocs to work with a five-year community-based longitudinal cohort of women living with HIV in Metro Vancouver (2014-2020), and many options for projects working with this community and these data. The study includes quantitative survey data on broad topics related to social, spatial and structural determinants of health (including sexual and reproductive health; HIV treatment and care). Quantitative or mixed methods approaches can be undertaken.

Research Interests: Microbiology, Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms, Functional and Structural Proteomics, Microbial Ultrastructure, Cryo-electron tomography and Structural Biology, Bacterial Physiology, Microbial Diversity, Secretion systems and Mechanisms of pathogenesis, Novel bacterial phyla

Research Interests: Intercultural and Ethnic Relationships, Cultural Exchanges, Migrations, Populations, Cultural Exchanges, Media and Society, Media Ethics, Media and Democratization, Migration Studies, Mobility Studies , Postcolonial Studies , Gender and Masculinity Studies, Race Theory, Film and Media Studies, Rhetoric and Communication Studies , Cultural Theory, Italian-Chinese relations , Italy's global networks , Modern and contemporary Italian literature and culture

Potential project areas:

Migration, postcolonial, and tourism studies relating to Italy and Europe;
Networks between Italy and China, and Europe and East Asia;
Italy's international past and present;
Transnationalism and globalization in Italy;
Media, filmic, and literary depictions of minorities;
Italian and comparative male and gender identities.

Research Interests: History and Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies

Potential project areas:

History and Philosophy of Economics; Philosophy of Nature; Environmental Philosophy; Early Modern Philosophy; British Nineteenth-Century Philosophy; Science and Technology Studies

Research Interests: Integrated Circuits, Computer Architecture, Computer Hardware, Computer-Aided Design Algorithms, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, High-Level Synthesis

Potential project areas:

Debug for FPGAs FPGA Architectures CAD for FPGAs

Research Interests: Hereditary Cancer, Cell division, Cell migration, Differentiation, Cell polarity

Research Interests: Carcinogenesis, Cellular Differentiation, Epigenomics, Leukemia, Molecular Genetics



Online Career Resources

After your first position at UBC, you may move to a PDF or faculty position at another university. Postings external to UBC may be found at the following websites:

The UBC Postdoctoral Association also maintains a Jobs page on their website.

UBC Faculty Careers

For current PDFs looking to embark on the next phase of their academic career, please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for a list of current UBC faculty opportunities. Please also visit UBC faculty websites for available positions within each specific faculty.

Current postings outside UBC

Position Title Employer/Institution Application Deadline
Scientist, Biological Assays Gandeeva Therapeutics Friday, 29 October 2021
Scientist, Computational Biology Gandeeva Therapeutics Friday, 29 October 2021
Scientist, Computational Chemistry Gandeeva Therapeutics Friday, 29 October 2021
Scientist, Cryo-EM Image Processing Gandeeva Therapeutics Friday, 29 October 2021
Scientist, Protein Biochemistry Gandeeva Therapeutics Friday, 29 October 2021
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cancer Research Princess Margaret Cancer Centre/University Health Network Sunday, 31 October 2021
Research Technical Assistant Princess Margaret Cancer Centre/University Health Network Sunday, 31 October 2021
Scientist/Senior Scientist Frontage Laboratories Wednesday, 30 March 2022