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Postdoc Profiles

UBC is home to over 1000 postdoctoral fellows spanning over 90 departments and 10 hospitals and affiliated sites. Please note the list below is not a comprehensive list of all postdoctoral fellows at UBC.

In order to boost the visibility of UBC’s postdoctoral fellows, we invite postdocs to create a profile sharing information about your research expertise and current work at UBC. These profiles can be great opportunities to make connections with researchers in related fields, as well as to share research with a broader audience.

If you are a UBC Postdoctoral Fellow and wish to create a postdoc profile, please visit the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Faculty and Staff Portal to create your profile.

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First Name Last Name Research Interests Faculty
James Pierce Faculty of Arts
Sabrina Burr Faculty of Arts
Philip Wijaya Catalytic process engineering; Electrocatalysis; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Biomass Conversion Technology; Christianity and Science; Music for Worship and Health Faculty of Applied Science
Tara Horrill Faculty of Applied Science
Wrik Mallik Faculty of Applied Science
Zane Dedekind Faculty of Science
Nicholas Nikesitch Faculty of Medicine
Bowen Xiao Faculty of Education
Sandeep Saxena Bone, skin and cartilage science; Stem cell biology; Regeneration; Fibrosis; Regenerative medicine Faculty of Medicine
Paul Onkundi Nyangaresi Water quality engineering; Water disinfection; Ultraviolet light water disinfection; Microbiology; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Ultraviolet light Surface and air disinfection Faculty of Applied Science
Hiu Ming Chan Faculty of Medicine
Vasundhara Gaur
Manon Haverkate Public and population health; Epidemiology; Public health; Population health; Antibiotic resistance; Antibiotic use; Infectious diseases Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Aren Roukema Faculty of Arts
Jennifer Hinnell Faculty of Arts
Liam Hall Faculty of Medicine
Brandon Paul Kieft Faculty of Science
Kaixun Hua Machine learning; Optimization under uncertainty (including stochastic and robust optimization); Clustering; Global Optimization Faculty of Applied Science
Valentin Blanchard Faculty of Medicine
Bonita Squires Faculty of Education
Olivia de Jongh Gonzalez Faculty of Medicine
Wendy Pringle Faculty of Medicine
Amy Wotherspoon Faculty of Forestry
Marek Budzynski Faculty of Medicine
Eloise Croy Faculty of Medicine
Bryn Zomar Pediatrics; Orthopedics Faculty of Medicine
Kira Hoffman Faculty of Forestry
Ania Bogoslowski Faculty of Medicine
Miriam Cabero Mueller Faculty of Science
Nikki Ow Faculty of Medicine
Surya Dhulipala Faculty of Applied Science
Ehsan Ebrahimnia Bajestan Heat and mass transfer operations; Renewable Energy efficiency; harvesting, conversion, and storage; Thermal management of electric and electronic components; Thermofluid Engineering; Nanotechnology in energy sector
Michael Branion-Calles Faculty of Medicine
Sandra Marquis Faculty of Applied Science
Moritz Koch Faculty of Science
Angela Rout Other social sciences; urban sensing; urban forests; planning; design; technology; Data Visualization; data modeling; Smart cities Faculty of Forestry
Zhouyang Ge Faculty of Applied Science
Mahfuzul Hoque Optical properties of materials; Fuel engineering (including renewable); Nanomaterials; Nanochemistry; Materials Science & Engineering; Electrochemistry; Biomass Conversion Faculty of Applied Science
Christopher Laver Medical and biomedical engineering; Medical biotechnology; CNS (retinal, brain cortex, and spinal cord) and cardiac tissue engineering. Faculty of Medicine
Luyang Hou Faculty of Applied Science
Haruka Niikura Faculty of Science
Emily Wilts Faculty of Medicine
Janine Jongbloed Faculty of Education
Alison Muller Faculty of Medicine
Aurélien Sibellas Faculty of Applied Science
Marcus Johns Nanoparticle synthesis, properties and applications; Timber, pulp and paper engineering; Nanomaterials; Characterization of materials; Colloid and surface chemistry; Analytical spectrometry; Optical properties of materials; Regenerative medicine (including stem cells and tissue engineering); Cellulose nanomaterials; Cluster-triggered fluorescence; Colloid and interface science; Polysaccharides and carbohydrates; Bioproducts Faculty of Forestry
Hanna Hamid Faculty of Applied Science
Jun Wang Faculty of Medicine
Mikki Stelder Other cultural studies, n.e.c.; International law, n.e.c.; Oceans; Empire; Race and Racism; (Settler) Colonialism; Queer and Feminist Critique; Netherlands; Limits of Critique; Palestine; Critical Ocean Studies Faculty of Arts
Zhoufang Xiao Faculty of Applied Science