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Postdoc Profiles

UBC is home to over 1000 postdoctoral fellows spanning over 90 departments and 10 hospitals and affiliated sites. Please note the list below is not a comprehensive list of all postdoctoral fellows at UBC.

In order to boost the visibility of UBC’s postdoctoral fellows, we invite postdocs to create a profile sharing information about your research expertise and current work at UBC. These profiles can be great opportunities to make connections with researchers in related fields, as well as to share research with a broader audience.

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First Name Last Name Research Interests Faculty
Lori Baugh Littlejohns All other social sciences, n.e.c.; Health sciences; Health Promotion, NCD Prevention, Complexity, Systems science, Health Equity Faculty of Education
Jordan Hamden Neurology; stress; neuroscience; development and aging; integrative biology Faculty of Medicine
Abhishek Soni Carbon capture engineering; Material Science, Self-driving experiments, machine learning, clean energy, CO2 electrolysis Faculty of Science
Ahmed Salim Microwave theory and techniques; Electrical, optical, catalytic and magnetic properties of thin layers; Electromagnetics; Microwave Structures
Matthieu Heitz Algorithms and computational genomics; Optimal Transport; Machine Learning; Bioinformatics Faculty of Science
Martin Prusinkiewicz Cellular immunology; Neonatal Immunology; Virology; Developmental Biology; Metabolism Faculty of Medicine
Mahsa Khalili Medical and biomedical engineering; Wearable Technologies; Assistive technologies; Machine Learning Faculty of Medicine
Andreas Novotny Marine ecology (including marine ichthyology); marine ecology; Oceanography; eDNA; Food webs; zooplankton; Salish sea Faculty of Science
Jessica DiCarlo Human geography; Geography, anthropology; critical development studies; political ecology; China; infrastructure; Laos; political economy Faculty of Arts
Bishop Owis Curriculum, pedagogy and didactics; Gender; Sexuality; Race; Colonialism; Teacher Education; YPAR; Art-based pedagogies; Ethics of care; Duoethnography; Autotheory Faculty of Education
Sahil Bhandari Environmental impacts; Sources of air pollution; Air pollution monitoring; Air pollution modeling; Sustainability Faculty of Applied Science
Melanie Leblanc Natural sciences; Nearshore processes and coastal oceanography; Wildlife and habitat management; Community ecology (except invasive species ecology); Ecological impacts of climate change; Statistical theory and modeling; Remote sensing applications (except remote sensing in geomatics and photogrammetry) Faculty of Science
Ola Dopierala Cognitive development; Behavioural neuroscience of learning and memory; neurodevelopment; language development; learning; Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Faculty of Arts
Ali Farrokhi Basic medicine and life sciences; Pediatric Cancer; Leukemia; Tissue engineering; Wound Healing Faculty of Medicine
Mia McLean Pediatrics; Psychology; preterm; developmental origins of health and disease; stress regulation; childhood anxiety; Brain development Faculty of Medicine
Vincent Gosselin-Boucher Psychosocial, sociocultural and behavioral determinants of health; Health psychology; Technology-based evaluation; mhealth/ehealth; Knowledge translation; Behaviour change Faculty of Education
Laurel Forshaw Specialist studies in education, n.e.c.; Music, n.e.c.; Music education; Higher Education; Decolonization; Indigenization Faculty of Education
Jie Jiao Innate immunity; Intracellular signaling, signal transduction, receptor and membrane biology; Lung regeneration; Respiratory Infection model; Sars-Cov 2 Faculty of Medicine
Karolin Heinze Cancer; Cancer Biology; Biomarker Discovery; Immunology; Epigentics Faculty of Medicine
Abhishek Sharma Particle physics, experimental; Particle Physics Faculty of Science
Sabrina Burr Cognitive sciences; Developmental psychology; Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience; Mathematical Cognition; Learning in Infancy Faculty of Arts
Yanuar Philip Wijaya Catalytic process engineering; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation; Biomass Conversion Technology; Clean Energy and Chemical Engineering; Christianity and Science Faculty of Applied Science
Tara Horrill Health sciences; Health services research; Health Equity; Cancer; Oncology care Faculty of Applied Science
Zane Dedekind Cloud physics; Mixed-phase clouds; Secondary ice production; Atmospheric Modeling Faculty of Science
Nicholas Nikesitch Cancer progression and metastasis; Stress pathways; Treatment Resistance Faculty of Medicine
Bowen Xiao Developmental psychology Faculty of Education
Sandeep Saxena Bone, skin and cartilage science; Stem cell biology; Regeneration; Fibrosis; Regenerative medicine Faculty of Medicine
Paul Onkundi Nyangaresi Water quality engineering; Water disinfection; Ultraviolet light water disinfection; Microbiology; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Ultraviolet light Surface and air disinfection Faculty of Applied Science
Meingold Chan Developmental psychology; Other basic medicine and life sciences; Social epigenetics; Children's socioemotional development; Parenting; Racial/cultural differences Faculty of Medicine
Vasundhara Gaur Environment and natural resources economics; Environmental economics; Energy economics; Non-market valuation, revealed and stated preference methods; Econometrics Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Aren Roukema Victorian literatures; Religion and religious studies, n.e.c.; History of sciences and technology (except medicine and health care); Victorian popular culture; Heterodox religion; History of mental science; Esotericism; Science fiction Faculty of Arts
Liam Hall Human physiology; Diabetes; exercise; Metabolism Faculty of Medicine
Jennifer Hinnell Discourse and pragmatics; gesture; Linguistics; language use; Multimodality; corpus linguistics; cognitive linguistics; Pragmatics; semantics Faculty of Arts
Brandon Paul Kieft Environmental microbiology (including air microbiology); Microbial ecology; Proteomics; genomics; Bioenergy; Clean technology; Mining microbiome; Anaerobic digestion; Synthetic biology Faculty of Science
Kaixun Hua Machine learning; Optimization under uncertainty (including stochastic and robust optimization); Clustering; Global Optimization; Optimal Decision Tree Faculty of Applied Science
Valentin Blanchard Other basic medicine and life sciences; Vascular smooth muscle cells; Lipids; Atherosclerosis; Cardiovasular disease Faculty of Medicine
Bonita Squires Educational assessment and evaluation; Other health sciences, n.e.c.; Language assessment and intervention; Curriculum-based measurement; Theoretical linguistics; Language sample analysis; d/Deaf and hard of hearing Faculty of Education
Olivia de Jongh Gonzalez Public and population health; Parenting; childhood; obesity; behavioral change; health promotion and intervention; quantitative data analysis; nutrition; physical activity; screen time; gender- and sex-related differences Faculty of Medicine
Wendy Pringle Other studies in human society; General communication studies; Knowledge translation; social determinants of health; Health communication; vaccine confidence; pandemic response policy Faculty of Medicine
Amy Wotherspoon Ecological impacts of climate change; Ecosystem function; Global change biology; Forest ecology; Silviculture; Climate change; Dendrochronology Faculty of Forestry
Marek Budzynski Cell biology; Other basic medicine and life sciences; transcription; stem cells; transcription factors; cell division; stress responses Faculty of Medicine
Eloise Croy Neurosciences, medical and health and physiological aspects, n.e.c.; Behavioural Neuroscience; Cognitive Neuroscience; Motivation; Decision-making Faculty of Medicine
Bryn Zomar Pediatrics; Orthopedics Faculty of Medicine
Kira Hoffman Landscape ecology; Fire ecology; Indigenous fire stewardship; Dendroecology Faculty of Forestry
Ania Bogoslowski Tumour immunology; Immunology; tumour immunology; neuroimmunology Faculty of Medicine
Nikki Ow Health care effectiveness and outcomes; Health outcomes; Health services; Youth mental health Faculty of Medicine
Surya Dhulipala Environmental engineering and related engineering; Climate change; Air Pollution; Sustainability; Atmospheric Chemistry; Environmental Sensing Faculty of Applied Science
Michael Branion-Calles Public and population health; Health geography; Transportation; Road safety; Environmental Health; Spatial Science Faculty of Medicine
Sandra Marquis Medical, health and life sciences; disability; Intellectual/developmental disability; Population health; Administrative data; Families Faculty of Applied Science
Zhouyang Ge Mechanical engineering; fluid dynamics; soft matter; rheology; numerical methods Faculty of Applied Science