Funding Opportunities

Award Name Annual Value
UBC Biodiversity Research Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship salary - $48,000 per year; research stipend - $7,000 per year
Dr. J.A. Campbell Young Investigator Award $5,000 CAD
James M. Flaherty Program
SFARI Pilot and Research Awards Up to $150,000 USD
Grand Challenges Canada Funding Programs
Canada-US Fulbright Program Varies according to particular competition within the program
University Alliance for Sustainability, Researcher Visits at Freie Universität Berlin
SFARI Explorer Awards Up to $70,000 USD
Leibniz-DAAD Fellowship Program a monthly installment of EUR 2,000
Pursuit Award First Prize: $7,500; Second Prize: $2,500; Third Prize: $1,000
Banco Santander Foundation - CNIO Fellowships for Young Researchers Trained in the UK/USA
Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellowship $70,000 CAD, plus up to $5,000 in research and travel funding.
Dr. J. A. Campbell Research Award $25,000 CAD
Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows Program $110,000 for Junior (non-tenure) Faculty; $80,000 for postdoctoral
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships $40,500
MSFHR 2017 Research Trainee Competition
Burroughs Wellcome Fund Collaborative Research Travel Grants Up to $15,000 USD
IC-IMPACTS Summer Institute Flight & Accommodation
International Law Research Program’s 2017 Post-­‐Doctoral Fellowship Competition $10,000
Sofja Kovalevskaja Award
Runway Startup Postdoc Program - Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute
POGO Research Fellowship Program $45,000 per year plus ability to apply for $5,000 operating support
The Entelligence Young Investigator Program up to $100,000
Origins Project Postdoctoral Lectureship Award 10,000 USD
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