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OPRA Association's Physics Grants

The OPRA Association seeks to fund researchers who wish to investigate the discrepancies between existing theories and experimental findings, and the mathematical consistency of physical theories. Too often such findings do not receive the attention they deserve. Our belief is that these findings may well be the basis for groundbreaking theories, and therefore should get special attention to overpower the inertia of supporters of presently accepted theories and their instinctive tendency to marginalize such findings.

Nowadays our focus is turned to the field of Particle Physics. We have collected a list of a few dozen well documented experimental discoveries which meet our requirements, i.e. being unaligned with incumbent theories. We are willing to extend our list of puzzles.

The OPRA Association will support researchers who will be ready to dedicate their research to cracking these puzzles.

We will support researchers who are ready to dedicate themselves to cracking these puzzles.

We are offering grants of $70k a year, to research of up to 3 years. The topics we support and the application forms can be found in our website:

Application deadline is 4/14/2022

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Application Procedures

Please refer to the OPRA website for application procedures.

Eligibility Requirements

Please refer to the OPRA website for eligibility requirements.

Evaluation Criteria

Please refer to the OPRA website for evaluation criteria.


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