Whether you are a prospective PDF looking for a position at UBC or a current UBC PDF seeking the next step in your career, this section provides valuable information to help you advance.

Becoming a PDF at UBC

The first step in finding a PDF position at UBC is to search the research interests of individual faculty members to locate a potential supervisor. Faculty members can be contacted directly to discuss potential PDF appointment opportunities, and applications can be made directly to faculty members.

Postdoctoral appointments at UBC are managed through individual faculties and departments. The Postdoctoral Fellows Office does not accept applications nor are we involved in the hiring process.

UBC PDF Postings

While most PDF positions at UBC can by found by contacting a faculty member directly, some positions may be posted on individual faculty websites. Please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for a comprehensive list of links to UBC's faculties. The following faculty members have indicated to us that they are actively looking to attract Postdocs.

Research Interests: Protein structure-dynamics-function, Regulation of gene expression, Signal transduction, Cancer, Enzyme mechanisms

Research Interests: Evolutionary morphology, Marine invertebrate zoology, Evolutionary protistology, Species discovery, Phylogenetic biology, Comparative organismal biology, Marine biodiversity

Research Interests: Analytical Chemistry, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Biological Chemistry

Research Interests: Cardiovascular metabolism, Diabetes, Endothelial cell - cardiomyocyte crosstalk

Potential project areas:

The objective of our study is to examine the biology of LPL during diabetes. To do this, we will use models of diabetes and various cellular approaches. Given the disturbing news that diabetes is rampant across the globe, and that its incidence will double in Canada by 2016, results from these studies will help in gaining more insight into the mechanism(s) by which cardiac LPL is regulated. This may assist other researchers in devising new therapeutic strategies to restore metabolic equilibrium, to help prevent or delay heart disease seen during diabetes.

Research Interests: Computer Science Theory, Algebraic Graph Theory, Combinatorics

Potential project areas:

Computer Science Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Algebraic Topology applied to Combinatorics

Research Interests: synapse biology, primary neuronal cultures, transgenic models, neurodevelopmental disease

Potential project areas:

genetic causes of autism and intellectual disability

Research Interests: Forest Biometrics, Forest Modelling, Disturbance Effects

Research Interests: History of education, Education policy, Politics of education, Special education, Disability, History of childhood and youth, Urban and suburban history, Canadian history, American history, Educational administration

Research Interests: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Soft Matter

Research Interests: Physical Activity, Health Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Sport Psychology, Group Processes, Leadership, Intervention, Social Cognition, Older Adults, Children

Potential project areas:

Peer-Leadership and Physical Literacy Intervention with Children
Group-based Physical Activity for Older Adults
Physical Activity and Health Promotion Interventions


UBC Faculty Careers

For current PDFs looking to embark on the next phase of their academic career, please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for links to UBC faculty websites. Faculty positions are are posted within their specific faculty.

Online Career Resources

After your first position at UBC, you may move to a PDF or faculty position at another university. Postings external to UBC may be found at the following websites: