Whether you are a prospective PDF looking for a position at UBC or a current UBC PDF seeking the next step in your career, this section provides valuable information to help you advance.

Becoming a PDF at UBC

The first step in finding a PDF position at UBC is to search the research interests of individual faculty members to locate a potential supervisor. Faculty members can be contacted directly to discuss potential PDF appointment opportunities, and applications can be made directly to faculty members.

Postdoctoral appointments at UBC are managed through individual faculties and departments. The Postdoctoral Fellows Office does not accept applications nor are we involved in the hiring process.

UBC PDF Postings

While most PDF positions at UBC can by found by contacting a faculty member directly, some positions may be posted on individual faculty websites. Please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for a comprehensive list of links to UBC's faculties. The following faculty members have indicated to us that they are actively looking to attract Postdocs.

Research Interests: Exercise interventions, Sedentary Behaviour, Syncope, Falls Prevention, Infodemiology, Machine Learning

Potential project areas:

Dr. Ken Madden holds the Allan M. McGavin Chair in Geriatric Medicine at the University of British Columbia and the editor-in-chief of the Canadian Geriatrics Journal. His lab has examined the effect of exercise interventions in older adults with Type 2 diabetes, the ability of different forms of exercise to impact arterial stiffness in subjects at high cardiometabolic risk, and the impact of sedentary behaviours on cardiometabolic risk factors. He has also examined the impact of age and diabetes on postprandial cardiovascular responses and orthostatic intolerance. He is division head of Geriatric Medicine at Vancouver General Hospital, and holds peer-reviewed grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the Canadian Diabetes Association. He is chair of the North American Regional Committee for the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

Research Interests: Developmental biology, craniofacial development, Evo-Devo, reptilian tooth development, chicken embryo limb development, orofacial clefting

Potential project areas:

The role of non-canonical WNT signaling in facial and limb development in the chicken embryo
Rare diseases - validation of disease-causing human variants in animal models
The molecular basis of the ever-renewing reptilian dentition using the gecko model

Research Interests: medicinal inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, ligand design and synthesis

Potential project areas:

radiopharmaceutical chemistry of metallic isotopes

Research Interests: Algorithm Development for Computational Fluid Dynamics , Error and Stability Analysis for Unstructured Mesh Methods, Unstructured Mesh Generation, Applied Aerodynamics

Research Interests: Business Analytics, Applied Machine Learning, Text Mining, Mobile Ecosystem, Social Media Analysis, Cybersecurity

Potential project areas:

- Application of Big Data in Business Applications
- Social Media Analysis
- Cybersecurity
- E-Commerce

Research Interests: microenvironment, endometriosis associated cancers, immunology, genomics, gene-expression and transcriptomics, cancer prevention, ovarian cancer etiology, early detection biomarkers, animal models of endometriosis and cancer

Potential project areas:

1. Clinical and Genomic Determinants of Early Metastasis in Synchronous Endometrial and Ovarian Cancers (MSc or PhD)
2. Development of Pre-Cancerous Mouse Models of Endometriosis (Post doc or PhD candidate with prior MSc/model experience)

Research Interests: amblyopia, reading

Research Interests: Genetics, Human Development, Epigenetics, miRNA, Preterm Birth, Placenta, Mosaicism, Fetal Growth, DNA methylation, Sex differences

Potential project areas:

Sex differences at the genetic/epigenetic level in early development
Role of small non-coding RNAs in placental and fetal development
Epigenetic tools for improved diagnosis in the prenatal and neonatal periods.
(strong background in genetics and stats/bioinformatics preferred)

Research Interests: ecosystem services, sustainability science, conservation science, cultural ecosystem services, environmental values, conservation finance, environmental assessment, social-ecological systems, resilience, payments for ecosystem services, incentive programs

Potential project areas:

See http://chanslab.ires.ubc.ca/people/chan/

Research Interests: CO2 conversion and utilization, clean energy , advanced solar cells, electrochromic windows, dynamic windows, hydrogen fuels production, catalysis

Potential project areas:

See this site for more information: https://groups.chem.ubc.ca/cberling/research/


UBC Faculty Careers

For current PDFs looking to embark on the next phase of their academic career, please visit Faculty Career Opportunities for links to UBC faculty websites. Faculty positions are are posted within their specific faculty.

Online Career Resources

After your first position at UBC, you may move to a PDF or faculty position at another university. Postings external to UBC may be found at the following websites: