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Scientist, Computational Chemistry

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Gandeeva Therapeutics Inc. is a rapidly growing biotechnology company located in Vancouver, BC that seeks to harness the transformative power of cryo-EM technology and machine learning to design better drugs.  Our methods overcome limitations in the use of X-ray crystallography for drug design and avoid discovery dead ends that can arise from the use of computational docking methods in the absence of experimental validation. Our automated workflows enable determination of relevant 3D structural information at the highest possible resolutions in combination with innovative biochemical methods to explore low-data targets, membrane proteins and protein complexes. Gandeeva seeks to achieve transformative societal impact on public health by revolutionizing drug discovery and by lowering the risk of late-stage clinical failures.

We are building an interdisciplinary and innovative team with biologists, chemists, microscopists, engineers, and software developers who will working closely together in state-of-the-art facilities that provides a stimulating environment reflecting our inclusive and welcoming culture.

We are seeking an experienced Scientist, Computational Chemistry with demonstrated expertise in molecular modeling, in silico screening and small molecule development.


  • Work with medicinal chemists and structural biologists to understand and optimize binding modes of compounds based on specific hypotheses
  • Establish approaches for simultaneous optimization of potency and drug-like properties
  • Develop pharmacophore models to enable in silico screening
  • Assess ligandability of new targets and execute pilot screens with fragments or limited libraries to validate approaches
  • Support multiple programs at the hit-to-candidate stage


  • PhD degree in chemistry or computational science related to drug design
  • Two or more years of related experience in computational drug design with direct participation in preclinical discovery programs in a biotech or pharma setting is preferred
  • Operational experience with existing molecular modeling software packages such as Schrodinger, OpenEye, CCG and others
  • Experience working with medicinal chemists in understanding SAR and building hypotheses
  • Deep knowledge of chemistry to drive drug design
  • Excellent time management and communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to independently devise ligand and structure-based design programs
  • Clear understanding of structure activity relationships, and the ability to design compounds to optimize binding properties (and selectivity) for a chosen target

Gandeeva Therapeutics Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. A highly competitive compensation package along with comprehensive health benefits will be offered to successful candidates. Come join us in the beautiful city of Vancouver!

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