Ivana Zelenika

Variety of studies point to a correlation between poverty and disadvantageous behaviour, which can further deepen poverty. For example, a preoccupation with financial decisions can leave fewer cognitive resources available for other tasks. This causal relationship has been demonstrated by the scarcity experiments in the Mani et al. (2013) studies, where dealing with similar financial scenarios had different cognitive impacts on the poor and the rich.

Jason Flindall

My research focuses on answering a simple question: why are we right-handed? We are unique among the great apes in that some 90% of us prefer to use our right-hands for grasping, pointing, and other prehensile actions. However, there doesn’t seem to be any clear reason why this should be; we prefer to use our right hands for grasping, but our left hands are just as good (with respect to kinematics, at least) at accomplishing most everyday grasping tasks. Is our right-hand preference shaped by training, or by virtue of living in a right-handed world?