Health Policies

Sofia Bartlett

Different distributions of social conditions, vulnerabilities, (e.g. drug use, mental illness) or other infections (HIV, HBV, TB), contribute to differences among populations affected by hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The different distribution of these comorbidities drives heterogeneity in cascades of care (diagnosis, initiation of treatment, cure and retention in care).

Carole Lunny

Title: Testing the methodology, reproducibility, reducing error and bias, and critical appraisal of: overviews of systematic reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, network meta-analyses, and clinical practice guidelines.

Esther Maas

A program of research on the evaluation of workers’ compensation policies and programs, with a particular focus on identifying effective and cost-effective approaches in facilitating early and sustained return-to-work after work-related muskuloskeletal injuries.