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Celebrate CBR Research Day

The Centre for Blood Research will be hosting CBR Research Day  on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at the UBC Life Science Centre. As part of this event, we are honouring Dr. Neil Mackenzie, a CBR postdoc who tragically passed away in January of this year, with the presentation of the Neil Mackenzie Mentorship Award.

CBR Research Day takes place annually to celebrate the end of the CBR Summer Studentship Program, where undergraduate students undertake a summer project in a clinic or a lab under the supervision of one of the CBR PIs or postdoctoral fellows.  All program participants are required to present their summer work with a powerpoint or a poster presentation. This day is an amazing training opportunity for undergraduate students involved in the CBR research to practice their presentation skills and for CBR trainees to learn about each others work.

All sessions will be webcast live online and archived for future viewing at the following link: CBR RESEARCH DAY WEBCAST LINK.

All are welcome to attend this event.  Admission is free, donations to the CBR are gratefully accepted.