Tell Me About Your Research #1: So You Want to Start Writing?

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Tuesday, 3 December 2019 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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Thea Koerner House (6371 Crescent Road)


Postdoctoral Fellows Office and Graduate Pathways to Success



This session is one of four being offered by Simon Clews. For registration in the other sessions in this series, please see:

Making Your Words Count – Telling a Great Story, The Words on the Screen – Effective Communication in the Digital Age, and Stepping Out and Becoming an ‘Expert’.


So You Want to Start Writing?

Getting going and the nuts and bolts of writing

You’ve got the ideas, you’re doing the research and now you want to start spreading the message. But how do you get started? This session looks at the basics of communicating your academic ideas to the rest of the world as a writer in non-specialist, commercial publications. We’ll look at how to write – literally where, when and how – what writing styles, practices and habits you need to develop, some of the more technical, grammatical aspects and even the ‘nasties’ like writer’s block (not that we really believe in this!). We’ll also examine the idea of ‘strip mining’ your research for great stories to tell and how to ‘sell’ those stories to the right publications. You’ll come out of this workshop with a whole new approach to your writing and a bit of a plan for where you need to go next.


Simon Clews

Facilitator biography coming soon.


Registration in this session is required, and will open closer to the workshop date. Those successfully registered in the session will receive an email within one week of the workshop.

Graduate students, please register through Graduate Pathways to Success.