Postdoc Profiles

UBC is home to over 800 Postdoctoral Fellows spanning over 90 departments and 10 hospitals and affiliated sites.

In order to boost the visibility of UBC’s Postdoctoral Fellows, postdocs are invited to create a Postdoc Profile to share information about their research expertise and current work at UBC.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all Postdoctoral Fellows at UBC. If you are a UBC Postdoctoral Fellow and wish to create a Postdoc Profile, please visit the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Faculty and Staff Portal to create your profile.

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First Name Last Name Research Classification Facultysort descending
Molly Stanley Faculty of Science
Adrian Hordyk Fishery Resources Faculty of Science
Andrew Scarff Elementary Particles Faculty of Science
Elizabeth King Earth, Soil and Sediments Faculty of Science
Ka-Yee Grace Choi Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases, Immune Mediators: Cytokines and Chemokines, Diseases of the Immune System, Antibiotics and Resistance Faculty of Science
Felix Haehl Elementary Particles, Gravitation, Quantum Phenomena, Fluid Mechanics Faculty of Science
Savas Can Selcuk Fluid Mechanics, Computer Sciences and Mathematical Tools Faculty of Science
Sarah Joy Bittick Marine Environment, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Environment and Habitats, Environment Management and Protection, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Ecological Trends, Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes, Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Vulnerable and Threatened Species Faculty of Science
Senping Luo Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis Faculty of Science
Martha Vardaki Stem Cells and Organogenesis, Cell Therapy, Blood Flow and Transfusions, Light-Matter Interactions, Lasers Faculty of Science
David Costalago Meruelo Fishery Resources, Marine Environment, Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes, Climate Changes and Impacts, Resources Management Faculty of Science
Stefanie Vogt Microbiology, Bacterial Infections, Molecular Genetics, Gene Regulation and Expression Faculty of Science
Daniel Anstett Evolutionary Genetics, Biogeography, Population Genetics, Climate Changes and Impacts Faculty of Science
Oscar Seira Oriach Faculty of Science
Christopher Kopp Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Plants, Plants and Forests, Climate Changes and Impacts Faculty of Science
Wade Smith Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Reproduction and Growth, Fishery Resources, Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms, Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes Faculty of Science
Timm Treskatis Numerical Analysis, Optimization, Control and Operations Research, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics of Computing, Modelization and Simulation Faculty of Science
Adam Gyenge Mathematics Faculty of Science
Charlotte Boott Polymers Faculty of Science
Johannes Holert Microbiology, Microorganisms, Ecological and Ecophysiological Processes, Physiology, Steroids, Tuberculosis, Degradation Faculty of Science
Dawn Hoogeveen Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection, Environment and Society, Resource Allocation Faculty of Science
Jared Grummer Evolution and Phylogenesis, Evolutionary Genetics Faculty of Science
Kimberly Dill-Mcfarland Microbiology, Microorganisms, Educational Approaches Faculty of Science
Tom Eaves Fluid Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Turbulence, Multiphase Systems, Pulp and Paper, Plasticity and Creep, Global and Non-Linear Analysis Faculty of Science
Miguel Angel Soto Munoz Supramolecules and Autoassembling, Functional and Intelligent Materials, Organic Molecules and Biomolecules Faculty of Science
Daniel Pletzer Antibiotics and Resistance, Bacterial Infections Faculty of Science
Matthew Whalen Marine Environment, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Ecological Trends, Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial) Faculty of Science
Jessica Bosch Numerical Analysis, Mathematics of Computing, Computer Sciences and Mathematical Tools, Programming Language, Modelization and Simulation Faculty of Science
Fengmiao Li Material Design Faculty of Science
Jennifer Rowland Faculty of Science
Alyssa-Lois Gehman Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Marine Environment Faculty of Science
Laura Morillas-Gonzalez Climate Changes and Impacts, Agriculture, Hydrological Cycle and Reservoirs, Water Faculty of Science
Kieran Hudson Enzymes and Proteins, Biomedical Technologies, Organic Molecules and Biomolecules, Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis Faculty of Science
Mathieu Lepage Organic Molecules and Biomolecules, Cancer Diagnosis and Detection, Nuclear medicine, Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis Faculty of Science
William Peveler Nanomaterials, Functional and Intelligent Materials, Sensors and Devices, Liver Faculty of Science
Siobhan Whadcoat Geological and Geomorphological Processes, Telemetry (Remote Sensing, Radar) Faculty of Science
Sarah Mason-Renton Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Waste Water Treatment, Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection, Social Determinants of Health, Risk Management, Environmental Planning Practices, Environmental Health Faculty of Science
Avner Segal Mathematics Faculty of Science
Hannah Susorney Solar and Planetary Systems Faculty of Science
Jane Desrochers Biomedical Technologies, Imaging, Design Faculty of Medicine
Tehmina Masud Breast Cancer, Cancer Genetics Faculty of Medicine
Robin Van Der Lee Bioinformatics, Molecular Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Genomics, Genome, Immune System, Statistics and Probabilities Faculty of Medicine
Genelle Healey Nutrition, Microbiology Faculty of Medicine
Daniela Salas Acosta Proteomics Faculty of Medicine
Clayon Hamilton Science and Knowledge Faculty of Medicine
Andrii Vislovukh Apoptosis and Cancer, Cancer Genetics, Stress and Cancer, Cell Signaling and Cancer Faculty of Medicine
Kenjiro Shirane Genomics, Developmental Genetics Faculty of Medicine
Katharine Harding Multiple Sclerosis, Epidemiology Faculty of Medicine
Morgan Roberts Cancer of the Urinary System, Immune System Faculty of Medicine
Delphine Labbe Environment and Society, Individuals and Space, Quality of Life and Aging Faculty of Medicine