Postdoc Profiles

UBC is home to over 800 Postdoctoral Fellows spanning over 90 departments and 10 hospitals and affiliated sites.

In order to boost the visibility of UBC’s Postdoctoral Fellows, postdocs are invited to create a Postdoc Profile to share information about their research expertise and current work at UBC.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all Postdoctoral Fellows at UBC. If you are a UBC Postdoctoral Fellow and wish to create a Postdoc Profile, please visit the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Faculty and Staff Portal to create your profile.

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First Name Last Namesort descending Research Classification Faculty
James Kryklywy Motivations and Emotions, Teaching and Learning Systems
Jayesh Kulkarni Neurodegenerative Diseases, Nanoparticles, Nanotechnologies, Gene Therapy
Vijay Kumar Oceans and Inland Waters, Prediction and Climatic Modeling
Leah Lambert Breast Cancer, Nursing, Health Information Systems, Health Care Organization
Eve Limbrick-Oldfield Psychology - Biological Aspects, Motivation, Emotions and Rewards
Brandon Lind Evolutionary Genetics, Climate Changes and Impacts, Genotype and Phenotype, Plants and Forests, Bioinformatics
Yang Liu Evolution and Phylogenesis, Evolutionary Genetics, Biogeography, Computer Science and Statistics, Modelization and Simulation, Genomics, Molecular Genetics, Plants and Forests
Itay Londner Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis
Carole Lunny Epistemology and Methodology, Meta-Analysis, Statistics and Probabilities, Epidemiology, Health Information Systems, Health Policies
Jasmin Ma Arthritis / Osteo-Arthritis, Trauma / Injuries
Esther Maas Epidemiology, Muscular Diseases, Occupational Health and Safety, Health Policies
Robert Macpherson Occupational Health and Safety, Health Policies, Epidemiology, Community Health / Public Health, Social Determinants of Health
Yann Mathieu Enzymes and Proteins, Bioinformatics, Biomass (Energy), Biotechnology, Microorganisms
Jacqueline Maud Marine Environment, Climate Changes and Impacts, Ecology and Quality of the Environment
Petra Mikulan Educational Context, Philosophical Traditions in Education
Matthew Mitchell Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Environment and Habitats, Environment and Society, Environment Dynamics, Environment Management and Protection, Landscape Evolution and Management, Agriculture
Willis Monroe Science and Knowledge, Religious Systems
Naser Moosavian
Gideon Mordecai Infectious Diseases, Virus
Paulomi Niles
Gideon Obasanmi Eye and Visual System Diseases
Jason Olsthoorn Fluid Mechanics
Jiayun Elvin Ong Political Regimes (Democracy, Monarchy, Federalism, Parliamentarism, etc.)
Rita Uju Onolemhemhen Economic Planning of Energy, Energy Transformation and Energy Using
Beth Payne New Technology and Social Impacts, Community Health / Public Health, Health Care Technologies, Health Care Organization, Global Health and Emerging Diseases, Health Information Systems
Sue Peters Stroke, Neurological Diseases, Plasticity / Neuronal Regeneration, Mobility, Rehabilitation
Paul Pickell Plants and Forests, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Environment Management and Protection, Landscape Evolution and Management, Landscape and Restoration, Landscape and Environmental Organization
Lisa J. Powell Agriculture
Monica Rana Community Health / Public Health
Laura Vang Rasmussen Plants and Forests, Landscape and Environmental Organization, Agriculture
Katerina Rnic Depression
Morgan Roberts Cancer of the Urinary System, Immune System
Shekina Rochat Motivations and Emotions, Educational Counselling, Unemployment, Decision Making
Marita Rodriguez Structural Tissue Engineering / Biomaterials, Biotechnology, Health Care Technologies, Biomaterials, Biomedical Technologies
Elham Rouhollahi Neuropharmacology
Rahul Sachdeva Autonomic Nervous System
Daniela Salas Acosta Proteomics
Adalberto Sampaio Optimization, Control and Operations Research, Information Systems, Modelization and Simulation
Dagmar Schwerk Major Religious Traditions, Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies, Applied Ethics, Economic Policies
Robert Selles Mental Health and Psychopathology in Children and Youth, Behavioral Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Anxiety, Professional Practices
Nabil Shalabi Micro and Nanoelectronics, Biomedical Technologies
Amir Sharafianardakani Clean Technologies, Climate Changes and Impacts, Energy Conservation, Energy Production, Energy Storage, Energy Transformation and Energy Using, Transportation Systems
Kenjiro Shirane Genomics, Developmental Genetics
William Sikkema Spinal Cord Diseases, Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma, Nanomaterials
Timothy Andrew Sipkens Atmospheric Pollutants, Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials, Energy Networks and Distribution, Fossil Fuels
Alexander Smith Pharmacokinetics, Drug Metabolism, Drugs and Pregnancy / Breast Feeding, Modelization and Simulation
Miguel Angel Soto Munoz Supramolecules and Autoassembling, Functional and Intelligent Materials, Organic Molecules and Biomolecules
Yinon Spinka Probability Theory
Alvin Thompson Climate Changes and Impacts
Hamidreza Tohidypour Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunication Systems, Communication