Modelization and Simulation

Yang Liu

(1) POPCAN project (Genetic improvement of black cottonwood and Balsam poplar);
(2) Resilient Forests (RES-FOR): Climate, Pests & Policy – Genomic Applications project (Human-oriented selection and GWAS using genomic signatures in conifers).

Jessica Bosch

I'm an applied mathematician, working on the development of numerical techniques for mathematical problems found on the interface of engineering, life sciences, biology, and even medicine. In particular, I'm working in the area of numerical analysis and develop fast iterative methods.

Alexander Smith

My research interests are currently focused around drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Our work is primarily focused on the phase II (conjugation) enzymes (particularly UDP-glucuronosyltransferase) with a strong focus on pregnancy and pediatrics. We use a number of lab-based biochemical techniques as well as in silico models to improve our understanding of developmental pharmacology, improve drug/chemical safety, and investigate environmental toxicology and endoctrinology.