UBC is home to over 1000 postdoctoral fellows spanning over 90 departments and 10 hospitals and affiliated sites. Please note the list below is not a comprehensive list of all postdoctoral fellows at UBC.

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First Name Last Namesort descending Research Interests Faculty
Partho Adhikary Nanomedicine; in vitro Tissue Model Development; Gene Delivery System; Anti-fibrotic effects of tissue-resident macrophages Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sahir Advani Social sciences; Marine Social Science; Small-Scale Fisheries; Mariculture Faculty of Science
Suborna Ahmed Model Building; Big-Data Analysis; Statistical Computing; Predictive Modelling Faculty of Forestry
Joannie Allaire Gastrointestinal Pathologies; Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases; mucosal immunology; cell biology; innate immune signaling Faculty of Medicine
Daniel Anstett Evolutionary Genetics; Biogeography; Population Genetics; Climate Changes and Impacts; Landscape Genetics; Evolutionary Ecology; Adaptation; Chemical Ecology; Landscape ecology; Species Interactions; Herbivory; Latitudinal Gradients; Assisted Migration Faculty of Science
Bruno Archiza Physiology; Respiratory System; Cardiovascular System; Exercise Physiology; Respiratory Physiology Faculty of Education
Anirudh Asuri Mukundan Aerospace engineering, n.e.c.; Biomechanical engineering; Other medical sciences; Computational fluid mechanics; Mathematical biology; Mathematical modelling and simulation; Computational biomodelling; Numerical modeling; Red Blood Cells; Blood flow; Multiphase flow; Particle-laden flows; Primary & Secondary atomization; Instability analysis; Auto-ignition and lqiuid fuel combustion; LES modeling; DNS; Higher order numerical methods; Artificial Neural Networks; Physics informed Deep learning; Machine Learning Faculty of Science
Vikram Baliga Physiology; Evolution and Phylogenesis; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Morphology; Organisation and Biological Functions; Biodiversity and Biocomplexity; Vertebrate morphology and evolution; Ontogeny and allometry; Macroevolution; Phylogenetic comparative methods; Organismal performance; Kinematics; Musculoskeletal physiology Faculty of Science
Oswald Barral Mery De Bellegarde Computer Sciences and Mathematical Tools; Artificial Intelligence; Human-Computer Interaction; physiological computing; affective computing; AI Faculty of Science
Sofia Bartlett Tuberculosis; Epidemiology; Community Health / Public Health; Drug Abuse; Health Policies; Hepatitis; AIDS / HIV; Care Cascades; Viral Hepatitis; HIV/AIDS; Injecting Drug Use; Prisoner Health; Gay and Bisexual Men; COVID-19 Faculty of Medicine
Valentin Blanchard Faculty of Medicine
Ania Bogoslowski Faculty of Medicine
Charlotte Boott Polymers; Materials Science; Solution Self-assembly Faculty of Science
Kira Borden Agricultural ecology; Plant-soil interactions; Climate change adaptation; Climate change mitigation; Nutrient management; Agroecology; Agroforestry; Plant and tree root ecology; Biogeochemistry; Cocoa (Theobroma cacao); Diversified agroecosystems Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Jessica Bosch Numerical analysis; Algebra; Numerical linear algebra; Preconditioning; Saddle point problems; Iterative solvers for linear systems; Numerical solution of phase field models Faculty of Science
Michael Branion-Calles Faculty of Medicine
Jonathon Breen disability; employment; workplace attitudes; disability theory and ontology Faculty of Medicine
Jonathon Briggs Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Microbiology; Gut microbiota; Glycobiology; Glycan Utilization; Protein Biochemistry Faculty of Science
Marek Budzynski Faculty of Medicine
Miriam Cabero Mueller Faculty of Science
Brittany Carr Eye and Visual System Diseases; Retina; Retinal Degeneration; Pharmacology; Imaging Faculty of Medicine
Wan-Chun Chang Clinical sciences, n.e.c.; Drug safety; Pharmacogenomics; immunotherapy Faculty of Medicine
Mariya Cherkasova Cognition; Motivations and Emotions; decision making; reward; dopamine; gambling; Parkinson's disease Faculty of Medicine
Ka-Yee Grace Choi Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases; Immune Mediators: Cytokines and Chemokines; Diseases of the Immune System; Antibiotics and Resistance; Host defence peptides; Multi-drug resistant organisms; Antibiotic resistance; Immune modulation; Chronic respiratory infectious diseases; Cystic fibrosis; Air liquid interface (ALI) model Faculty of Science
Hiu Mei Chow Neurosciences, medical and physiological and health aspects; eye movements; multisensory integration; perception; human; development; Cognitive Psychology Faculty of Medicine
Eloise Croy Faculty of Medicine
Olivia de Jongh Gonzalez Faculty of Medicine
Travis James De Wolfe Human microbiota; Microbiota; Microbiome; Gastrointestinal tract; Microbial ecology; Inflammatory bowel diseases; Clostridioides difficile Faculty of Medicine
Jose Denis-Robichaud Animal Production; Animal Reproduction; Community Health / Public Health; Veterinary Epidemiology; One Health; Biostatistics; R Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Surya Dhulipala Faculty of Applied Science
Jill Dosso Quality of Life and Aging; Intergenerational Relations; Loss of Independence; Social Aspects of Aging; Cognitive Development; Cognitive Development in Children; Infant / Child Development; Social Determinants of Child and Youth Development; Social Determinants of Health; Health Care Technologies; Health Policies; Telemedicine; Alzheimer's Disease; Anxiety; Cognition; Dementia; Mental Health and Society; Community Health / Public Health; Ethics and Health; Lifestyle Determinants and Health; Technological Innovations; Social, Economical and Political Impacts of Innovations; Robotics and Automation; social robotics; patient experience Faculty of Medicine
Ehsan Ebrahimnia Bajestan Heat and mass transfer operations; Renewable Energy efficiency; harvesting, conversion, and storage; Thermal management of electric and electronic components; Thermofluid Engineering; Nanotechnology in energy sector
Natalia Esling Performance; Sensation and Perception; Arts and Technologies; Praxis Research; Audience Research; Arts & Healthcare; Experimental Theatre & Performance; Dramaturgy; Embodiment & Affect Faculty of Arts
Allison Ezzat Faculty of Applied Science
Valentina Francia Development of Drug Delivery Systems; Nucleic Acids; Pharmacokinetics; Molecular Biology; Drug Delivery; Biological Mechanisms; Pharmacology; Gene Therapy Faculty of Medicine
Guopeng Fu Educational Technologies; Educational Approaches; Curriculum Reform; Teacher Education; Science Education Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Chuanyun Fu Traffic and highway engineering; Traffic Safety; Extreme Value Statistics Faculty of Applied Science
Ruiyang Ge Mental Health and Society; Neuropharmacology; Brain Metabolism; Neuronal Systems; Neuroimaging; Mental Health; Mood Disorder; Brain Stimulation Faculty of Medicine
Zhouyang Ge Faculty of Applied Science
Anna Gottschlich Community Health / Public Health; Epidemiology; Cervical cancer; Human papillomavirus; Self-collection HPV testing; Health disparities Faculty of Medicine
Omid Haji-Ghassemi Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Electrophysiology; Enzymes and Proteins; Muscle; Cardiovascular Diseases; Genetic Diseases; Structural and computational Biology; Drug therapeutics; Protein-protein interactions; Cardiac arrhythmia; Calcium signalling Faculty of Medicine
Liam Hall Faculty of Medicine
Hanna Hamid Faculty of Applied Science
Jiahong Han Evolution and Phylogenesis; Evolutionary Genetics; Evo-devo; Floral symmetry; Phylogenetic; Molecular evolution Faculty of Science
Omar Hasan Ali Skin Cancer; Auto-Immune Diseases; Dermatology; Immunology; Checkpoint inhibitors Faculty of Medicine
Farinaz Havaei Occupational Health and Safety; Health Care Organization; Child Abuse and Negligence; Sexual Abuse; Working Conditions; Quality and safety of health care; Vulnerable youth; Health services research; Organizaiton of nursing care Faculty of Applied Science
Manon Haverkate Public and population health; Epidemiology; Public health; Population health; Antibiotic resistance; Antibiotic use; Infectious diseases Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Genelle Healey Nutrition; Microbiology; Gastrointestinal Pathologies; Immunology; Inflammatory bowel disease; Gut microbiota Faculty of Medicine
Jennifer Hinnell Faculty of Arts
Kira Hoffman Faculty of Forestry