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First Name Last Name Research Interests Facultysort ascending
Shekina Rochat Motivations and Emotions; Educational Counselling; Unemployment; Decision Making; Gamification; Career counseling; Positive psychology; Motivational interviewing; Psychological flexibility; Internet intervention; Narrative Analysis Faculty of Education
Bruno Archiza Physiology; Respiratory System; Cardiovascular System; Exercise Physiology; Respiratory Physiology Faculty of Education
Petra Mikulan Educational Context; Philosophical Traditions in Education; vitalism; concept development; philosophy of education; educational neuroscience; governance; biosociality; bioethics; curriculum; feminist theory Faculty of Education
Wanying Wang Education System Trajectories; Educational Approaches; Curriculum Studies,; Autobiographical Inquiry of Curriculum; Higher Education; Curriculum Innovation Theory; Theory of general education Faculty of Education
Jose Denis-Robichaud Animal Production; Animal Reproduction; Community Health / Public Health; Veterinary Epidemiology Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Guopeng Fu Educational Technologies; Educational Approaches; Curriculum Reform; Teacher Education; Science Education Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Kira Borden Ecology and Quality of the Environment; Agriculture; Plants and Forests; Crop Production; Biodiversity and Biocomplexity; Climate Changes and Impacts; Plant-soil interactions; Climate change adaptation; Climate change mitigation; Nutrient management; Agroecology; Agroforestry; Plant and tree root ecology; Biogeochemistry; Cocoa (Theobroma cacao); Diversified agroecosystems Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Yang Liu Molecular evolution; Adaptive Evolution; Evolutionary Ecology; Landscape Genetics; Eco-evolutionary Dynamics; Theoretical and Empirical Modeling; Quantitative Genomics and Epigenomics Faculty of Forestry
Laura Vang Rasmussen Plants and Forests; Landscape and Environmental Organization; Agriculture; Nutritional science; Land use science; Conservation science Faculty of Forestry
Suborna Ahmed Model Building; Big-Data Analysis; Statistical Computing; Predictive Modelling Faculty of Forestry
Brandon Lind Evolutionary Genetics; Climate Changes and Impacts; Genotype and Phenotype; Plants and Forests; Bioinformatics; local adaptation; evolutionary genetics Faculty of Forestry
Natalia Esling Performance; Sensation and Perception; Arts and Technologies; Praxis Research; Audience Research; Arts & Healthcare; Experimental Theatre & Performance; Dramaturgy; Embodiment & Affect Faculty of Arts
Eve Limbrick-Oldfield Psychology - Biological Aspects; Motivation, Emotions and Rewards Faculty of Arts
Dagmar Schwerk Major Religious Traditions; Philosophy, History and Comparative Studies; Applied Ethics; Economic Policies; Tibetan Buddhism; Bhutan; History of Buddhism; Buddhist Ethics Faculty of Arts
Willis Monroe Science and Knowledge; Religious Systems; Assyriology; Cuneiform; Akkadian; Babylonian; Sumerian; Hittite; Ugaritic; History of Astronomy; History of Astrology; Archaeology Faculty of Arts
Grace Jaramillo Gutierrez Open Economy and Globalization; Political and Economical Integration; Decision Making; Free trade agreements; Latin America; State building Faculty of Arts
James Kryklywy Motivations and Emotions; Teaching and Learning Systems Faculty of Arts
Mikki Stelder Faculty of Arts
Allison Ezzat Faculty of Applied Science
Alvin Thompson Climate Changes and Impacts; Coastal adaptation Faculty of Applied Science
Amir Sharafianardakani Clean Technologies; Climate Changes and Impacts; Energy Conservation; Energy Production; Energy Storage; Energy Transformation and Energy Using; Transportation Systems; Renewable Energy; Adsorption Cooling Systems; Desiccant Dehumidifiers; Green Air Conditioning Systems; Methane Emissions Measurements Faculty of Applied Science
Marita Rodriguez Structural Tissue Engineering / Biomaterials; Biotechnology; Health Care Technologies; Biomaterials; Biomedical Technologies; Cardiac tissue engineering; Bioprinting; Biofabrication Faculty of Applied Science
Chuanyun Fu Traffic and highway engineering; Traffic Safety; Extreme Value Statistics Faculty of Applied Science
William Sikkema Spinal Cord Diseases; Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma; Nanomaterials Faculty of Applied Science
Jason Olsthoorn Fluid Mechanics; fluid mechanics; Physical Limnology; Fluid Flow Instabilities; Mixing and Transport Processes; vortex dynamics Faculty of Applied Science
Hamidreza Tohidypour Artificial Intelligence; Telecommunication Systems; Communication; Deep learning and machine learning; Video processing; Computational photography; Computer Vision; Light field imaging Faculty of Applied Science
Okan Orhan Condensed matter modelling and density functional theory; Condensed-matter physics; Computational material science Faculty of Applied Science
Zhoufang Xiao Faculty of Applied Science
Naser Moosavian Faculty of Applied Science
Farinaz Havaei Occupational Health and Safety; Health Care Organization; Child Abuse and Negligence; Sexual Abuse; Working Conditions; Quality and safety of health care; Vulnerable youth; Health services research; Organizaiton of nursing care Faculty of Applied Science
Ataollah Kheyrandish Drinking Water; Environmental Health; Water treatment; Advanced Oxidation Processes; Ultraviolet related water treatment; Water quality Faculty of Applied Science
Monica Rana Community Health / Public Health; Adolescent Health; Mental Health; Anti-bullying programs; Reducing inequalities Faculty of Applied Science
Leah Lambert Breast Cancer; Nursing; Health Information Systems; Health Care Organization; Health Services and Policy Research; Patient-Reported Outcomes; Models of Care; Transitions in Care Faculty of Applied Science
Hanna Hamid Faculty of Applied Science
Partho Adhikary Nanomedicine; in vitro Tissue Model Development; Gene Delivery System; Anti-fibrotic effects of tissue-resident macrophages Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mariya Cherkasova Cognition; Motivations and Emotions; decision making; reward; dopamine; gambling; Parkinson's disease Faculty of Medicine
Andrii Vislovukh Apoptosis and Cancer; Cancer Genetics; Stress and Cancer; Cell Signaling and Cancer; Regulation of the protein translation; non-coding RNAs; post-transcriptional control of gene expression Faculty of Medicine
Jayesh Kulkarni Neurodegenerative Diseases; Nanoparticles; Nanotechnologies; Gene Therapy; Lipid nanoparticles; gene editing Faculty of Medicine
Deborah Jehu Rehabilitation; Cognition; Dementia; Quality of Life and Aging; Parkinson's Disease; Stroke; Balance; Gait; Balance Confidence Faculty of Medicine
Robert Macpherson Occupational Health and Safety; Health Policies; Epidemiology; Community Health / Public Health; Social Determinants of Health; Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Administrative data; Data Linkage Faculty of Medicine
Sofia Bartlett Tuberculosis; Epidemiology; Community Health / Public Health; Drug Abuse; Health Policies; Hepatitis; AIDS / HIV; Care Cascades; Viral Hepatitis; HIV/AIDS; Injecting Drug Use; Prisoner Health; Gay and Bisexual Men; COVID-19 Faculty of Medicine
Katerina Rnic Clinical psychology; Cognitive Control; Cognitive Vulnerability; Stress Reactivity; Stress Generation; Inflammation; Cortisol; Emotion Regulation Faculty of Medicine
Dongsheng Xiao Neuronal and Synaptic Activity; Neurological Diseases; Neuronal Systems; brain circuits; sensorimotor integration; motor functions; functional brain mapping; Brain Stimulation Faculty of Medicine
Ruiyang Ge Mental Health and Society; Neuropharmacology; Brain Metabolism; Neuronal Systems; Neuroimaging; Mental Health; Mood Disorder; Brain Stimulation Faculty of Medicine
Genelle Healey Nutrition; Microbiology; Gastrointestinal Pathologies; Immunology; Inflammatory bowel disease; Gut microbiota Faculty of Medicine
Alejandra Wiedeman Manriquez Nutrition; Metabolism; Metabolic Disorders Faculty of Medicine
Catrina Loucks Genetics and Heredity; Pharmacogenomics Faculty of Medicine
Daniela Salas Acosta Proteomics Faculty of Medicine
Jasmin Ma Arthritis / Osteo-Arthritis; Trauma / Injuries; Behaviour change science; Psychology; Knowledge translation Faculty of Medicine
Jill Dosso Quality of Life and Aging; Intergenerational Relations; Loss of Independence; Social Aspects of Aging; Cognitive Development; Cognitive Development in Children; Infant / Child Development; Social Determinants of Child and Youth Development; Social Determinants of Health; Health Care Technologies; Health Policies; Telemedicine; Alzheimer's Disease; Anxiety; Cognition; Dementia; Mental Health and Society; Community Health / Public Health; Ethics and Health; Lifestyle Determinants and Health; Technological Innovations; Social, Economical and Political Impacts of Innovations; Robotics and Automation; social robotics; patient experience Faculty of Medicine